Deadpool and siryn relationship with god

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deadpool and siryn relationship with god

Siryn and Deadpool. When Wade was in love with her, she said she wasn't looking for a serious relation (Way back in Deadpool's the first series). Later on she. Copycat became aware of Deadpool's friendship with Siryn, became . At first, Deadpool's relationship with Outlaw never got much further than. Deadpool and Siryn (X-Factor Siryn screwing deadpool over?Siryn and DeadpoolWhen Wade was in love with her, she said she wasn't looking for a "Images, musings, rants and essays, dedicated to Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson Parker and their relationship." "MJPool Injustice Gods Among Us: Batman Family.

The reason he gained his powers in the first place is because he was trying to do whatever he could to avoid death after he was diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer. However, after being experimented on and tortured for long enough, he yearned for death -- it was too late, though, as his new healing powers prevented him from dying.

As a result, Death has become interested in him as well, and they have pursued a relationship on occasions, which infuriates Thanos, who is famously obsessed with Mistress Death and it galls him to no end that she appears to prefer the company of Deadpool to him. For a time, Thanos made sure that Deadpool could never die, just to keep him from Mistress Death! In the second Deadpool miniseries, he teamed up with Siryn and her father, Banshee an old friend of Deadpool's to fight against Banshee's cousin, Black Tom Cassidy and Cassidy's partner in crime, the Juggernaut.

During the series, he grew to love her and thus was distraught when she saw him without his mask this was the first time we learned that he was gross under his mask.

They became close friends, but their relationship never became a physical one. That changed, though, after Siryn thought she was having a baby with her fellow mutant, Jamie Madrox, but the baby was fathered by one of Madrox's duplicates, so when Madrox touched the baby, he absorbed it. A despondent Siryn ended up sleeping with Deadpool just to distract herself from her pain.

In Deadpool Team-Up as a joke, the series bean with Deadpool and worked backwardsDeadpool teamed up with Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, two different Ghost Riders, as they tried to save a town of circus "freaks" who had hired Deadpool to kill their tyrannical boss. As it turned out, the freaks were part of a whole demon situation and thus Deadpool and the Ghost Rider brothers had to do whatever they could to save the townspeople.

In the end, after they succeeded and Deadpool killed their boss after it turned out that he was a jerk even when he wasn't demon-possessedDeadpool celebrated the victory by taking Beatrice the Bearded lady home for some hairy loving.

Vanessa is also a major love interest of Deadpool's in the comics, as well, only in the comic books she is a shapeshifter who goes by the name Copycat. And I gotta pee Never bet your life on what you think you know about a hormonal, sleep-deprived W. Soon after his marriage, Sean Cassidy, an Interpol agent, was sent on an undercover anti-terrorist mission for many months, not knowing when he left that Maeve was pregnant.

Shortly after Theresa's birth, Maeve took the infant Theresa with her on a visit to her relatives in Armagh in Northern Ireland. While she was there, Maeve, an innocent bystander, was killed in an IRA Irish Republican Army bombing along with a number of other people.

No trace of Maeve was found by the authorities and they, and Maeve's relatives who knew of Theresa's existence, assumed that Theresa had also been killed in the explosion and never told Sean that Maeve had had a daughter. Black Tom suspected that Theresa might develop superhuman mutant powers as she grew older, and therefore he intended to raise her secretly so that he might exploit her powers himself.

Sean was so filled with anguish when he returned and learned of Maeve's death that he left his ancestral home of Cassidy Keep and threw himself into a series of highly dangerous missions, eventually leading to his resignation from Interpol and his later involvement with the mutant villain team Factor Three.

At one point during high school, Theresa developed a drinking problem.

deadpool and siryn relationship with god

However, Theresa's heart was never in a life of crime and she pursued it because the man who raised her, Black Tom, ordered her to do so. This conflict ended in Black Tom's temporary capture. While in custody, Black Tom gentlemanly exonerated Theresa of responsibility for his crimes and wrote to Sean explaining who she was. Theresa and Sean were joyfully united at Professor Charles Xavier's mansion. Theresa went to live with her father, who had since retired back at Cassidy Keep and, due to his new girlfriend Dr.

After being informed that the New Mutant Sunspot had run away, Theresa and Madrox helped to track down the young mutant. Vanisher appeared to further persuade the children and, while still considering, Chance and Ariel appeared and challenged Sunspot to take a chance. Then Bobby, Warlock, and the duplicate Madroxes left with the group. After Devil Dinosaur, accidentally, crushed Don the lobster, Gomi's words of not leaving friends after an accident or tragedy struck a cord and Bobby began to second-guess his decision.

Later Jamie reveals Sean was an "infant dupe", and was absorbed into him as a duplicate would, but a grieving Theresa; filled only with rage declares after breaking Jamie's fingers that she will break his neck next time she sees him. She disbands the Detroit team, with the remaining members defecting to the New York branch.

Reverend Maddox helps Theresa cope with depression and she has a one-night stand with Deadpool. After finally coming to terms with Banshee's death and reconciling her grief, Theresa retired the codename Siryn and takes her deceased father's codename as her own and begins calling herself Banshee in honor of his memory.

Second Coming, agents of the Mutant Response Division prepare to target Theresa for assassination when she attempts to return to America.

When Jamie and Theresa track it down and take it off of the neck of a drunken bar patron, he reveals he is none other than Pip the Troll. Jonah Jameson when an old friend of his is killed.

Thinking the murderer may come after him, Theresa acts as his personal bodyguard. During a protest, Theresa receives an image of the murderer, who is revealed to be a woman named Ballistique. At that moment, Theresa sees Ballistique talking to J. Jonah Jameson and tries to attack by launching a powerful sonic scream at her but due to Ballistique's close proximity to Jameson, the police think Theresa is attempting to attack Jameson.

The police attempt to stop Theresa by attacking her with their nightsticks but not before she can warn Monet of Ballistique.

Monet takes him to the hospital where Theresa attempts to console her.

Theresa Cassidy (Earth-616)

After the baby is born, it attempts to attack Theresa and Madrox but not knowing it is Rahnes son, Theresa uses one of her screams to blast it away from the duo.

The two women decide to take Rahne on a road trip to Reverend John Maddox to help her. During the trip, Theresa and Lorna bond and develop a friendship. Pairing up with Havok, the two investigate the murders. She requests to speak with granddaughter as the grandmother was the first to die. At first believing the little girl to be a mutant, Theresa soon realizes the girl is not when she summons a Celtic goddess by the name of the Morrigan.

The girl attempts to send the Morrigan back but she ignores the girl and takes Theresa; furious that she has been using the name Banshee, one of the many names associated with the Morrigan.

Taking her to a lighthouse, the Morrigan offers Theresa a choice; apologize and worship her or die. Theresa rejects the Morrigans offer and is thrown to her death as her vocal cords had been weakened by the ordeal. Havok turns up just in time to see Theresa falling to her doom when she is rescued by a demon named Jezabel.

Havok destroys the lighthouse leaving the Morrigan trapped under rubble. Jezebel advises them the apocalypse is coming and Theresa will have to make a tough choice sometime within the near future; to become part of a race of new gods or perish with the rest of humanity. Working with Layla, the duo attempt to summon the Morrigan but instead Theresa is teleported to Ireland.

During the confrontation, Theresa asks if the Morrigan can heal Lorna but the Morrigan advises her she cannot as Lorna does not believe in her. The Morrigan reveals she is tired of being a goddess and misses her own father; if she wishes to truly help Lorna, she will need to become the Morrigan.

deadpool and siryn relationship with god

Theresa agrees and then hurls a sonic lance through the Morrigan, killing her. In that moment, Lorna is completely healed of her insanity.

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Theresa teleports back to headquarters, appearing before Madrox as the Morrigan and telling him goodbye. Theresa lets him know she never stopped loving him and if he needs her, all he has to do is pray before departing. She then asks the now-married Madrox and Layla if they want to reform the team but, they decline saying that since Layla is pregnant they have a farm to start up and a baby on the way.

Like her father, she has the ability to emit high-decibel "sonic screams" to create various sonic effects with her vocal cords. She can vary the pitch to deflect projectilesand she even used it to deflect lasers once.