Daryl and rick relationship questions

Rick and Daryl Relationship More Strained Than Ever in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9

daryl and rick relationship questions

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes questions Daryl Dixon over death New relationship: Gabriel Stokes told Anne that he covered for her with. well you know Daryl Dixon, complete with questions from the first seven seasons. Though Daryl debuted in season one, he was not promoted to the opening .. The relationship between Daryl and Rick is referred to as. The closing moments of The Walking' Dead's season 8 finale were definitely tough for fans to watch. It saw Maggie and Daryl deciding to take a.

daryl and rick relationship questions

Abusive to both Daryl and Merle - who explained in season 3 that if Merle hadn't left the house when he did, then he'd would have killed him - the show implies that their father was an alcoholic and it's outright said that he didn't care when Daryl went missing for over a week. What was the elder Dixon's name? Question 6 The video game that starred Daryl and Merle was titled Punished Angel Bringer of Death No Man's Land Those who knew William Dixon's name likely remembered it from the first-person shooter game that featured Daryl and Merle in the beginning of the apocalypse, where Will is torn apart by a walker and put down by Jess, his step-brother.

Released in as a way of combating the Telltale series, Activision and Terminal Reality came up with the idea of creating a game that starred Daryl traversing the Georgia countryside en route to making a run for Atlanta. What was the game called?

Question 7 This season did not see Daryl taken hostage 3 5 6 And, for as dangerous as Daryl can be when it comes to taking the baddies on, his recklessness and stubbornness also makes it easy for him to get captured and used as a hostage.

As the group came into more conflicts, Daryl fighting on the frontlines meant that he was a target, even more so when opposing factions realized how key he was to Team Family's effort. Of the four seasons listed below, when was Daryl not held against his will by an opposing group? Question 8 Before splitting up, the Dixon brothers were planning on Killing Shane Raping the women Robbing the group We love Merle at least, a fair number of us still do and we love Daryl, but there was a time when both came off as jerkasses - Merle much more so than Daryl, of course.

Because of their treatment from the group and a survivalist mentality that Daryl carried well into season two, the two feuded with Shane and friends. If not for the chain of events that began with Rick's arrival to Atlanta, what were the Dixon brothers planning on doing? Question 9 Prior to the apocalypse, Daryl was a Drug dealer Private Investigator Mechanic We love backstory, especially in a post-apocalyptic story where jobs of the past seemingly lose their meaningfulness if they don't help contribute to survival.

For a time, Daryl's backstory and what he did leading up to the apocalypse was a hot topic among fans, with some claiming that he dealt drugs and others thinking he was more law-abiding than he let on. When Daryl finally explained in season 4 what his pre-apocalypse occupation was, viewers learned that their crossbow-donning favorite was a Question 10 Before taking Merle's bike, Daryl's vehicle of choice was a Mercedes Benz C-Class Ford pickup truck Hyundai Tuscon Along with the crossbow and the angel vest, Daryl Dixon's motorcycles have become a staple of both the character and the show.

People will easily forget that Daryl's first bike, used from seasonwas actually Merle's, but even more people will forget that Daryl didn't show up to the quarry outside Atlanta on that bike.

In fact, Daryl drove something else, one that Can you try to remember what Daryl was driving before adopting Merle's chopper?

Question 11 Daryl has not blamed himself for the death of this character Merle Beth Glenn Whether it's because of Daryl's abusive history or because of how loving he is to his family, living in a world where death becomes commonplace has taken its toll on the redneck hunter.

As the losses have piled up and only a handful remain from the Atlanta group, Daryl has become more closed off and taken to blaming himself when a character dies - especially one killed by a human.

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Of these characters, which has Daryl NOT blamed himself for after the death has happened? Question 12 Daryl was not in the comics, meaning he replaced this comic character as Rick's right-hand man Shane Tyreese Carl We've already talked about Daryl being a canon foreigner completely along with Merle, but what gets forgotten in that is the impact Daryl has had on the group as Rick's right-hand man.

Following Shane's death in season 2, Daryl officially took up the reins as Rick's second-in-command, even taking unofficial charge of the group at times With Daryl not around in the comics, someone else had to fill this role after Shane's death. Can you tell who, in essence, Daryl replaced? Question 13 How did Daryl's mother die?

daryl and rick relationship questions

Suicide House fire Murdered We've talked a lot about Daryl's father, who abused both of his sons and died early on in the apocalypse. Daryl's mother, however, is a bit of a different story; A chainsmoker who raised Daryl when Will wasn't around, Miss Dixon passed when he was only 12 roughly the same age that Carl is around the time the show startsa story he tells Carl after the latter has to shoot Lori in season 3.

How did Daryl's mom die, you ask? Question 14 This animal is closely associated with Daryl Horse Dog Pig Think back to your middle school literature class when they start telling you to find motifs and symbolism in stories. As every good tale does, The Walking Dead is big on symbolism from clocks to shading to even how certain characters go out. While it'd be easy to call Daryl and his crossbow a form of symbolism it represents his simplenessthere's an animal that is often tied to Daryl as a motif.

Do you remember which animal we're talking about? Question 15 Daryl's first on-screen murder of a living human came in season From The Governor to Negan, Team Family has engaged in plenty of murder - some in times of self-defense and others in what they called 'self-defense.

daryl and rick relationship questions

When he did, though, when exactly was that? Question 16 After Judith's birth, the following event causes Daryl to turn away Lori's corpse Carl's gun The name 'Sofie' For a time in the show, Rick Grimes went crazy after Lori died early in season 3. Put down by Carl in the fourth episode, Lori's death sent Rick off the edge in a time when his newborn daughter, Judith, entered the world. With the group in need of formula and baby supplies for their newest member, Daryl and Maggie traveled the countryside, though Daryl nearly had a breakdown at one point.

Do you remember what it was that nearly made our favorite archer cry?


Question 17 Daryl is not present at this character's death Denise Bob Amy Through the end of seven seasons, a common complaint among The Walking Dead fans is how Daryl has become much more quiet and reserved.

But after losing so much, can you really blame the guy? From some of the group's first deaths to their most recent, Daryl's been around for a good chunk, even committing a mercy killing for a valued member of the group in Dale. Of these characters, which was Daryl NOT around for when the character in question died.

Question 18 Daryl has saved most of the cast. This character has yet to save Daryl. Daryl may not be the group's captain, but he's certainly done that over the show's seven seasons, using everything from his crossbow to a rocket launcher to save his friends.

The walker was dispatched before causing a fatality Carol told Rick that unless they found the former Saviors lieutenant they would face a fight. They came across a walker with an arrow in its chest and Daryl worked out who had taken Arat. That night Anne went back to the junkyard and uncovered a secret radio she had hidden.

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Gabriel caught her making the deal and asked her if she had taken out Justin. Gabriel caught her making the deal and asked if she killed Justin Anne told him she had not and he demanded to know who she had talked to and asked her what she had done.

She told him she had traded people and had planned to do it with him and Rick. Anne admitted that she traded people for supplies Anne told him that whatever went wrong she came under suspicion and asked Gabriel to leave with her. She told him he could not tell anyone and had to help her with part of the deal. Gabriel listened as Anne said they could escape together Gabriel said he would not and had to tell Rick. Back out in the woods Carol was grabbed by Jed and he put a knife to her throat.

Carol Peletier was grabbed by Jed in the woods and he put a knife to her throat Rick and Carol managed to escape when she put a knife into him, but he was still offered medical care. Maggie and Daryl then arrived at the brink building seen at the start of the episode and found Beatrice, Cyndie and some other women from Oceanside with Arat.

daryl and rick relationship questions

Daryl and Maggie came across Oceanside women with Arat Arat was on her knees and Cyndie was holding a gun to her head. They told Daryl and Maggie that they had been killing all the Saviors who killed the men from Oceanside in a clash under Negan.

Cyndie said that Arat had killed her little brother and knowing that Maggie hung Gregory inspired her to kill the Saviors. Daryl and Maggie decided to not get involved and left Arat to be killed.