Dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

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dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

N-Dubz' Fazer CONFIRMS band's reunion with Dappy and Tulisa Contostavlos on board Anyway, Fazer from N-Dubz, who now goes by his actual name Richard Rawson, has just It's a family relationship. various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially. It has taken ten years of hard slog for cousins Dappy and Tulisa, and their to sign a deal with US label Def Jam, in an attempt to break the US market. pop songs about boys' views versus girls' views, relationship problems. Her parents separated when Tulisa was just nine, and by the age of 11 she not surprising Tulisa struggled – eating disorders, abusive relationships with " Dappy" Contostavlos and his friend Richard "Fazer" Rawson in the group youth market – as he puts it: "Barlow for the mums and Tulisa for the kids.

We move on to her goals, in terms of the single and upcoming album. She says she wants "to become so successful that if I wanna fart on a track, I can, and it will sell".

dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

No, my aim is to, yeah, I wanna become a global superstar, I want to become successful enough that I can retire tomorrow in complete comfort. I've made my stamp on the earth, my name will go down in history, and if I never want to work again, I don't have to.

Tulisa talks cocaine, newspapers and her nightmare year after drugs trial collapses

If you feel like saying: If you want to say: When the tape was released, she says, she was "devastated. I slept on the bathroom floor for seven days I just wouldn't go out of the house. Didn't really want to eat anything. But I snapped out of it. I knew what I was doing. I knew in my head that I was depressed; I knew why I was depressed.

It was all logical. I didn't want to smile. I didn't want to be happy It was like a level of mourning, do you know what I mean?

Tulisa Contostavlos: The new factor in the X Factor

I needed to have my tears and tantrums, my bad moods, and get myself into a state to come back out of it. And I literally just woke up one morning, as happy as Larry, put on my best dress, makeup, full hair: Her management and press team weren't keen.

dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

Half an hour later, she turned her phone back on. Then the headlines were saying: There are probably girls out there who have done a million times worse with their boyfriend, and are probably going to go out tonight and get laid with a random bloke they've just met, whereas I'll meet a bloke and make him wait six dates before he even gets a shag. But because of some footage, people make assumptions about the sort of character I am.

Tulisa: 'I don't like getting emotional' | Culture | The Guardian

There are countless reasons this is nonsensical, she says. There's the fact the tape could have led to her losing her X Factor job although thankfully Simon Cowell has been supportive.

There's the fact it would upset her family. Also, "if I was going to release a tape of myself," she says, "I haven't watched it, because I can't physically watch it, but from what I've heard, I'd make sure I was a lot sexier, and probably not 19 years old, because that's a little bit pervy.

People seem to be forgetting that I'm 19 in it, which is quite wrong Everything I've spent my whole career building up and representing — I wouldn't even do a bikini shoot with FHM, so why would I release a tape? Why am I spending thousands of pounds in legal costs to stop it coming out? If I'm not in the public eye, and then I'm not wanted, and I'm not getting endorsements, I'm not being talked about, my records aren't going to be bought.

I just wish they wouldn't lie as much. And whatever the truth about her material wealth, there seems little disputing that Tulisa's teenage years were far from fun. She's talked of more than one failed suicide attempt, whereas her experience looking after her mother was captured in the moving television documentary Tulisa: My Mum And Me.

dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

In fact, were she an X Factor contestant, rather than a judge, the show would no doubt milk her life story, while a teary, string-drenched ballad played in the background. And when it was time for said ballad to launch into an uplifting chorus, well… that would be the time to start relaying the details of how Tulisa battled through these tough times thanks to a musical career that owes a lot to good honest graft.

Tulisa wasn't even in her teens when she joined cousin Dino "Dappy" Contostavlos and his friend Richard "Fazer" Rawson in the group — put together by Dappy's father Byron in a bid to keep them on the straight and narrow. A relentless slog performing around schools — the very places Tulisa hated so much — was finally beginning to reap rewards when Byron died in following a heart attack, not long after the group had achieved their first top 40 hit.

dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

Despite being dropped by their label, the band applied their work ethic further to become one of the biggest pop acts in Britain. After more than a decade together, the trio are understandably tight-knit — Tulisa may argue with Dappy constantly, but a tattoo of his name across the back of her neck points to their closeness. It's not hard to see why Tulisa would appeal to your average teenage music fan. Her good looks and fondness for designer clothes are countered by a thoroughly down-to-earth attitude — when asked about her perfect date, she once suggested it would be someone she could play computer games with while eating at Nando's.

Dappy decided to re-record the track, " No Regrets ", and release it as his debut solo effort. Featuring a cameo appearance from band-mate Fazer, "No Regrets" took the charts by storm, peaking at 1 in the UK and Scotland, and at 8 in Ireland. Following the success of "No Regrets", Dappy claimed during an interview that: I don't think there's any shame in trying to write music that will be recognised by people I admire. I have big goals. I want to have two 1 singles back-to-back as a solo artist.

As a result, Dappy invited May for a guest stint on his second single, which co-incidentally was titled " Rockstar ". On 29 February, Dappy revealed that the title of his album would be Bad Intentionsclaiming that the album "is motivational music for people who believe they can't do nothing, a battle we have with our own mind.

Subsequently, he revealed that the fourth single will be " Good Intentions ", and if "Rockstar" peaks at 1 on the UK Singles Charthe will enlist Barbadian singer Rihanna and British superstar Adelewho will both have vocal sections on the single.

dappy and tulisa relationship marketing

He claimed that Rihanna contacted him after she was impressed with a demo tape she had heard of his music. He followed this up with the promotional release " Built for This " in July, and the full single "Money Can't Buy" in September It peaked at 23 in the charts.