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Daphne and Mingo hanging out. What did Daphne just walk into? "Fog and Storm and Rain" - Daphne is not happy about Regina's new relationship. . Aww #SwitchedAtBirthGifs Switched At Birth Bay, Tv Times, Tv Quotes, Love Him. Daphne (Katie Leclerc) will be facing a huge hurdle in her relationship with Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) in the upcoming episode of ABC's. Quotes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Switched at birth quotes, Births and Favorite tv shows. You will be that shining star, Daphne. | Switched at Birth .

The next few hours were tough, watching Bay in that much pain. She was pushing as hard as she could, but it killed him to see her hurt that much. Finally, Dylan made his way into the world, but then the unthinkable happened. The nurse came over and placed the newborn in Emmett's arms, and just as Emmett was bringing him down to face Bay, their world started to crumble.

Bay became unresponsive and though he couldn't hear the monitors, he could clearly see that her vitals were failing, and the urgency became apparent. Doctors rushed in and someone took Dylan from Emmett and ushered him out of the room, but Emmett wasn't leaving Bay. He didn't give a fuck if they didn't understand him as he signed wildly; "What is going on with my wife? This just wasn't happening, he thought as he paced around the hallway. How could life be so cruel? Why was he getting a son and getting his wife taken away from him?

Didn't whoever was up there realize what she meant to him? Didn't they realize that he would crumble if he was told she was gone? Daphne came up beside him as tears strolled down his face. I wish I did. I guess her pressure must have dropped. You know, sometimes that can happen after labor.

What if something happens to Bay? You need to think positive. He thought about a few months into Bay's pregnancy when they were talking about what the sex would be. Emmett wanted a girl, while Bay hoped it would be a boy.

I think I get along much better with guys," she said winking. Funny one, she was. You would never let her date. He looked at the clock. It had been twenty minutes. What the hell was going on? He tried to take Daphne's advice though and keep up the positive thoughts.

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He thought about Bay's sonogram telling them that Dylan was going to be a boy. Bay beamed, and Emmett did as well. Yes, he had wanted a daughter, but a son was pretty awesome as well. The second after the sonogram was done, Bay ran to Barnes and Noble to pick up a baby name book. What is wrong with you?

Why do you hate our child?

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The little vixen; she was getting enjoyment out of this, wasn't she? It was like fifteen years ago. He hated that Ty had been with Bay. Well, not been in the biblical sense, but had a relationship with her. He hung her paintings on his army tank for Pete's sake! How could he not be threatened by that? Yes, it was forever ago, but the thought of anyone else with Bay made him insane.

Truthfully, maybe it was because he just felt so inadequate and unworthy, especially after the cheating. For a few years after a part of him was waiting for Ty to come back and swoop in with declarations of love and logic like "But he cheated on you! I'd never do that.

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As in like Dylan Thomas. I've never heard of him. It had been forty-five minutes. He felt like he couldn't breathe. He tried to think about a life without Bay, and it just wasn't possible. Struggling with guilt and regret she finds that she has no one to turn to.

However a surprise email from an old friend could change everything, including who she loves. But not everything is right with her old friend.

Will Bay take a chance with Ty or will they both lose everything? Emmett leaves for LA, but shortly after Bay gets news that will change the course of both their lives forever. Many years after by krishna reviews 12 years have passed since Bay and Daphne were 20, and like a lot of others, the Kennish-Vasquez family has loosened up. But, when something happens in the Kennish home, all of them are forced to reunite.

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When they're finally starting to get along and becoming family, Bay is forced to make a hard decision. They're finally starting to get along and be a family until a boy gets between them. What will happen when Bay is forced to make a decision of who is more important - Daphne, or Emmett? Will Bay be able to forgive and give Emmett another chance or will his one mistake drive them apart for good?

I'm With You by Brattiana reviews He died but he gave his wife the gift of a way to live without him. This may be harder than just moving on because she has to do what her dead husband says. But how does she know that someone isn't playing a cruel prank on her? Only it's not a prank. Emmett had a plan to help Bay move on. However, he is quick to tell her that he is seeing someone else, much to Daphne's disappointment.

They make it a point to remain friends. Iris Watkinsone of Daphne's closest friends at college and her former roommate, attends the party and is offended by Mingo's costume choice.

This causes a rift between them all, and, when Daphne who had platonically spent the night in Mingo's dorm room sees that their selfie has blown up on social media, comes to the conclusion that people hate them. In This Has to Do with MeDaphne and Mingo deal further with the consequences of their actions, and Mingo and Daphne realize that people think that Mingo was being racist instead of thoughtless.

In Four Ages in LifeMingo tells Iris who had been on a hunger strike to protest how African Americans were being treated on campus that he is sorry that she had been sick as a result of not eating. Iris brushes him off and continues not to speak or associate with him, because she is angered that he has been allowed to keep his position of Dorm Adviser. Later, Daphne realizes that Mingo is taking part in the "Kangaroo Krawl", which is a series of extreme sports, in order to shake people's image of him that he is racist.

Daphne tells Mingo that she cares about him and that he shouldn't act recklessly because he could endanger his life, and Mingo is shocked.