Dan and blair relationship quiz

10 Couples That Hurt Gossip Girl (And 10 That Saved It)

dan and blair relationship quiz

Browse through and take thousands of blair chuck quizzes. Well take this quiz to find out! Is your relationship like chuck and Blair or serena and dan?. Jun 21, Television Quiz / Gossip Girl Relationships. Random Television Quiz Blair dated this guy in season 2 who claimed he was English royalty. Dec 19, The television series known as “Gossip Girl” may be over, but we can still We can imagine we're as driven and as bossy as Blair Waldorf, which . about family , and what kind of relationship do you hope he has with his?.

A lot of the big plotlines are the same, but many of the smaller plot points differ. The show is based on books written by who? The pair had a love child that Lily did not tell Rufus about and whom she gave up for adoption. Their son shows up at the end of Season 2, unbeknownst to his biological parents. He befriends Vanessa and Dan. He even starts to take guitar lessons from Rufus. By season 3, Rufus and Lily find out who he is and have a wonderful reunion.

Dan pursues writing at NYU. Vanessa also attends NYU. Blair goes to both NYU and Columbia at different points in the show.

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Nate goes to Columbia though his family wanted him to go elsewhere. Chuck does not end up attending college and neither do Jenny or Georgina as they all have other pursuits.

dan and blair relationship quiz

Dan thought Milo was his what? Son Stepbrother Godchild At the end of the season three finale, a very pregnant Georgina shows up. After she has Milo, she conveniently disappears because she needs a spa trip. When she returns from her trip, she explains the whole story. Question 19 What test was Vanessa studying for when she met Nate? His dad is on drugs and he is very confused by his on again-off again feelings for Blair.

He begins the show thinking that he is in love with Serena, but is still dating Blair. Eventually, they break it off and he regrets it.


In the midst of all the drama, he meets Vanessa. What test was Vanessa studying for when she met Nate? She briefly attended high school with Serena and Blair, but left to tour the equestrian circuit. Unfortunately, she sold her pony for cocaine and was sent to boarding school. I keep up with them.

Do you still talk to old boyfriends? Do you text old flings and flames? Do you follow these people on social media platforms? Do you stay in touch with any or all of them to see how they're doing because you care or because you hope they're suffering?

Question 26 Should your new guy stay in touch with his exes? He can stay in touch. And, on the other hand, how do you feel about your guy staying in touch with his exes? Do you want him to be friends with them or ignore them or text them or hate them or follow them or wish suffering upon them or only see them when he has to? Driven and powerful like Blair Waldorf, nice and creative like Vanessa Abrams, or pretty and popular like Serena van der Woodsen?

Chuck Nate Dan And of these three guys who are on the show, whom do you find the most attractive? Chuck, with his money and his power? Nate, with his cute smile and athleticism? Or Dan, with his talent and his love for his family?

They're all great - but pick just one! Question 29 How do you show others you care? Do you shower them with gifts? Do you give them a shoulder to cry on? Or do you give your time, distracting them with fun activities and a home-cooked meal? Question 30 What would be the best gift from your man? Would you love a diamond ring? Would you kill for a weekend getaway, where you both could hide away together? Dorota and Vanya In the earlier seasons, Dorota was only really seen as the Waldorf's maid but changed as the series progressed.

She was also a fan favorite character and a popular guess for Gossip Girl's identity. There were even Chasing Dorota webisodes. Her relationship with Vanya, a doorman in Lily's apartment building, was never really a main focus of the series. However, it benefited from that because they could just be that sweet, romantic couple on the fringe of the other relationships' problems.

His proposal is reason enough to love their relationship.

Blair–Dan relationship

Rufus and Ivy Only on Gossip Girl could someone pretend to be someone else and then stick around. Not only did Ivy stay after everyone found out she wasn't Charlie Rhodes, but she even got some money. That wasn't the worst of it. In fact, the worst of it wasn't even the mess that was her and William's relationship. No, that honor belongs to her and Rufus' brief romance. It was completely unnecessary since it wasn't like it was the final straw that kept Rufus and Lily apart.

By that point, that relationship had run its course. Instead, it seemed like the only point of Rufus and Ivy's relationship was so Dan could walk in on them. No one needed to see that. Serena and Carter Serena and Carter would never have lasted, even if Dan wasn't her endgame.

However, it wouldn't have been the worst thing to have Blake Lively and Sebastian Stan's characters together longer.

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Carter really tried to show Serena that he changed and tried to redeem himself. He started out as someone she would not be with and he had his problems. However, when they were together, he showed he'd changed despite others conspiring to try to prove otherwise. He was at his best and wanted to take responsibility for his past actions when he was with her.

Lying about knowing where her father was wasn't the right move, but it's still better than being Gossip Girl. Nate and Jenny If ever a relationship never should have progressed beyond a one-sided crush, it's this one. It all started when Nate mistook her for Serena because of a mask at a ball. After that, the two became friends and that was where their relationship should have stayed. Instead, after he moved into the Humphreys' loft in season 2, he and Jenny got closer and eventually briefly dated.

Vanessa took a letter he wrote meant for Jenny. In return, Jenny planned to get revenge by giving Vanessa an unlined dress to wear at a ball. It was childish and probably never would have happened, if not for Nate and Jenny moving past her crush.

Oh, and let's not forget why Jenny decided to go to Chuck. She tried and failed to get back together with Nate.

dan and blair relationship quiz

Rufus and Lily Anyone else wondering why Rufus and Lily didn't end up together? He would have been the better option for her than William. She would have made more sense than Lisa Loeb.