Dan and blair relationship memes

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dan and blair relationship memes

Blair and Dan Nickname Dair Intimacy Level Dated, slept together First Met The Wild Brunch Started Dating The relationship between Blair and Dan, also known as Dair, refers to the friendship and former romantic .. Memorable Quotes Edit. One of the very first storylines in season one of Gossip Girl revolves around Nate's relationship with Blair. The two have been together for years. Gossip Girls, Gossip Girl Quotes, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Insta Posts, .. Dorota had the cutest and most romantic relationship with Vanya Kassandra.

There were even a few times when she did things that made Chuck feel betrayed.

Blair–Dan relationship

Both of them had their own selfish goals to rise to the top at any cost, and it sometimes got in the way of them being together. Then they would fight and date other people, only to come back to each other again. Eventually, these two lovebirds got married and all was well for Chuck and Blair.

Or so we would imagine. They probably became a dynamic scheming couple who took over New York City and possibly even the world. They struggled with jealousy between them and always competed on just about everything. But in the end, both young women did really care about one another and would work to save each other from some dangerous situations.

It might not be the kind of friendship we should all aspire to have, but it worked for Serena and Blair. They showed that they could be the best frenemies that anyone could ask for! It definitely gives us the feels to remember their friendship and all of its ups and downs. She had been out of his league for so long that he decided to watch her from afar and literally record her every move. Once we found out the truth about him in the finale, it definitely comes across with a strong creepy vibe.

Yet, Serena eventually marries him and all is forgiven. What else can there be said about that complicated relationship? Serena and Dan made a great couple, and we hated when they broke up time and again.

He brought out the best in Serena; she often strived to be a better version of herself for him. At one point, she realized that she needed to grow up on her own and let him go.

Spoiler if you haven't already watched it! And would have been really creepy if you think about it. Dan Humphrey had wanted to be so much a part of their lives that he started the blog as a means to keep tabs on them and get them to reveal their secrets to him.

Once he was in the group, he had to write blasts about himself to keep anyone from guessing. The question is "How?

dan and blair relationship memes

Not only did we have to suffer through the terrible reveal that Dan actually was Gossip Girl, but we also have to use the remaining two lines of logic to reconcile the fact that he was in love with Serena. This whole time, the person who has dragging Serena's name through the mud, making her the headline of the Upper East Side's dirty gossip, is the same person who is deeply in love with her.

dan and blair relationship memes

Honestly, it doesn't seem as though Serena should forgive Dan for such behavior, but considering the show has ended with their marriage, it's beyond clear that she has. Dan listens to his heart, promptly ignoring her proclamation of love, and instead jumps in to save Blair, who asks him to help her escape her wedding.

It surely makes for an awkward dinner table. She is successful, and is even able to con her way into the heart of the family matriarch CeCe Rhodes, who leaves her whole inheritance to Ivy.

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For a while, Ivy even lives in the van der Woodsen apartment and promptly kicks out the whole family, surely as a thank you for their kindness over the last year. The first time the character is introduced, he tries to force himself on two women in the span of one episode -- and then he's treated like a romantic lead. Throughout the series, he continues his immoral ways by trading his girlfriend for real estate property, or by continuously terrorizing and intimidating the people around him to get what he wants.

Once Chuck takes over the responsibility for the pup, it seems like all of his previous mishaps are forgiven and forgotten. If only it was that easy in real life. After all, the website and its frequent mobile blasts publish secrets, lies, and rumors that have cost Blair, Serena, and the rest of the gang relationships all around.

Yet the website itself seems to be the kind of enigma that the wealthy privileged kids want to take on. After Georgina is revealed to have been Gossip Girl, at least temporarily, Serena receives a package from her that includes all the information on how to take over.

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Instead of taking the chance to do the sensible thing and disband the whole operation, Serena becomes Gossip Girl and starts to torture those around her. Gossip Girl started with both Nate and Blair -- the high school sweethearts were inseparable, and had planned their whole lives around each other and their relationship.

When Blair marries Louis in season five and is stuck in a loveless marriage through the power of a contract and a dowry, it seems odd that one of her closest friends since childhood simply ignores the whole situation. Sure, Nate had been degraded to guest star status already by then, but a little call surely would have been nice.

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In season four, he returns from his time in Paris with a pretty blonde on his arm that many will recognize from the Harry Potter movies. Eva Coupeau seems to be everything Chuck could possibly want and need, and she actually did make him a better version of himself for a while -- even if their relationship started on a lie. Chuck told Eva his name was Henry Prince. Jump ahead to the series finale and the audience learns that Chuck has married Blair and the two of them have an adorable little son — named Henry.

It makes us wonder how Chuck pitched that name to Blair.

dan and blair relationship memes

Despite their difference in social background, the two of them share many interests and had a great dynamic. Blair suddenly decided to turn her back on Dan and went back to treating him like he is mere scum in season six. One of them is the previously discussed relationship with Dan, and the other is the one she shared with Nate.

From the beginning, it seems that Serena has trouble deciding between the two men, changing between them rather frequently. If it was meant to be, surely Serena would not have had such problems choosing between the two men.

dan and blair relationship memes