Cowboy bebop faye and spike relationship goals

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cowboy bebop faye and spike relationship goals

Spike's most complex relationship in the series is the one he has with Faye. .. Spike and Vicious in the Red Dragon crime syndicate (from Cowboy Bebop The. At the time of its release in the United States, Cowboy Bebop had already with no discernible purpose that continues to haunt characters well into the present day. Bebop follows Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, two bounty hunting Things become complicated when they're joined by Faye Valentine. Although Jet and Spike are much closer than Faye and Spike, only Faye Also, Spike wasn't looking for relationships because he didn't have a future and knew it . .. Ultimately, his goal of finding the part of himself that he lost is a doomed.

Why did Faye have to meet Vicious, Julia, or Gren at all? Well, obviously, for dramatic purposes. Plus, it gives the characters something to do in the story and, as Spike says, "it was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

She tends to piss him off a lot. Because of this, it can be difficult to understand why Spike is still so completely in love with Julia. Some might say Julia was just a "ghost," more symbolic to him than a real love.

Some might say they were classic star-crossed lovers. Julia is described as "quite a woman," and she obviously was, considering she inspired men like Spike, Vicious, and Gren.

The audience knows Faye is a remarkable woman, and comparing Faye and Julia by having them share similar situations gives us a better idea of what it was about Julia that made such animpression on Spike, Vicious, and Gren. But if he can feel, he can be hurt and he can hurt others. Or is there a wonderful person next to me? Spike sees them in very much the same way—and yet his reaction is totally different.

How the Invisible Hand of Julia Drove the Plot of ‘Cowboy Bebop’

He fell in love with Julia after she cared for him, but pissed-off Faye and distanced her. In all fairness to Spike, when he awoke to the sound of humming he was probably hoping he was waking up from a bad dream and everything would be alright, so I understand his response.

cowboy bebop faye and spike relationship goals

There are other instances where Faye functions as a "stand in" for Julia. As mentioned earlier, Faye hangs out in the same bar that Julia did several years earlier, and even sat on the same barstool while listening to Gren play. The implication is that both women are equally memorable. Gren and Julia befriended each other much in the way Gren and Faye befriend each other for a short while.

Finally, Faye tries to stop Gren from getting himself killed, just as she tries and fails with Spike at the end of the story. Despite their qualities, life continues on without or perhaps despite any major hindrances. Earth survived a lunar armageddon, yet people have no problem living with a certain degree of satisfaction in the ruins of society. Callisto is cold, industrial, and mainly devoid of any female population.

It's mostly a blue-collar, hardscrabble town. Ganymede seems pretty normal for a settlement that lives on a floating city on an ocean.

The Bittersweet Tragedy Of Cowboy Bebop

Venus is pretty normal despite the helium and the occasional case of Venus Sickness. Tijuana in the Asteroid Belt is a bit on the rural side. Io is largely under development, consisting of small settlements and wide open plains and deserts. Titan seems to be a Single-Biome Planetconsisting almost entirely of desert with no discernible settlements. Tharsis City on Mars seems to have become the main thriving center for humanity, with no major social or technological problems.

Despite the presence of the Syndicate, the Bebop calls it home. Crazy People Play Chess: Episode 14 involves Ed going up against a lunatic chess master over the Internet. Turns out, he's just senile. Just look at all the gear Spike packs for hunting a blob of goo in "Toys in the Attic" for no other reason than Rule of Funny. He even brings a rapier! Which may have been a barbecue fork.

Carries a Slasher Smile and a big pistol. The church in "Ballad of Fallen Angels". In Faye's first appearance, she mistakes Spike for the guy who was supposed to help her smuggle a computer chip hidden in a gambling chip during a game of blackjack. The screen was fuzzy so she couldn't see the details but he had the same fluffy hair and snazzy blue suit and, by sheer power of coincidence, even performed half the code phrase before walking off with the completely normal chip.

At the end of the finale. This is not the end of you hearing about the soundtrack. You will find in trope descriptions, you will find it in fan sigs, you will find it in little shrines in people's bathrooms.

The Cowboy Bebop universe seems to be a mishmash of Eastern and Western cultures, not unlike Fireflyanother later Space Western sci-fi series with multiple languages and ethnicities.

It's implied this is a result of the rapid, mishmash evacuation of Earth. The series is full of them, really, considering it's a World of Badass. Ed's dad hands both Spike and Jet who was armed their blue-clad behinds. This is possibly the only fight in the series where friggin' Spike is completely outclassed by a perfectly ordinary human. One wonders how different the ending would have been if Vicious had managed to run into Spike just a few seconds before the fight with Ed's dad started Yeah, he's that badass.

Abdul Hakim beats up a group of mooks pretty easily. Not as pronounced as other series, but there are elements of this. Technology has improved enough to allow for inter-planetary travel, but it's not as if life and society in general has sunken to a level where the technology is casually abused and taken for granted.

Abdul Hakim is shown as this before his Magic Plastic Surgery. Johnathan from "Bohemian Rhapsody" is another example.

cowboy bebop faye and spike relationship goals

Dead Guy on Display: Vicious puts Mao's body on display at the opera he was going to attend to make a statement about Mao and to lure Spike out of hiding. Not that Jet and Faye don't engage in snarking every now and then, but Spike easily outdoes them. Jet seems to forgive Fad for betraying him and causing him to lose his arm along the way after his death. He even places his revolver in his hand so it looks like he went down fighting.

Many flashback scenes are like this, including those of Spike and Jet, as well as the opening of "Pierrot Le Fou".

Spike refers to a ship as an "old ancient relic".

cowboy bebop faye and spike relationship goals

Ed's father mentions that his goal is "peaceful peace". Wen from "Sympathy For The Devil" is defeated by a bullet crafted out of a special gemstone. Happens to Spike in "Ballad of Fallen Angels.

Spike's penchant for destruction during the pursuit of a bounty head racks up serious bills, which is one of the reasons why the Bebop crew live in Perpetual Poverty. Earth's Moon was blown to pieces by the Astral Gate accident incausing a series of disasters, tidal waves, and meteor impacts that are still ongoing to the present day, prompting the mass evacuation of Earth and the rapid colonization of the Solar System.

Which, incidentally, explains the low-population Retro Universe future of the series. Faye asks Ed if she's dead when she receives an electric shock from her computer which knocks her on her back.

Did You Actually Believe? Vicious says this to Julia when he's hunting down Spike. Died in Your Arms Tonight: After finally being reunited, it's not long before this happens with Julia and Spike. Three reasons why Bounty Hunters are necessary in this universe: He's also a former mole for the Syndicate. Space Land, a Disneyland-esque park which the Mad Pierrot chooses for his extremely one-sided duel to the death with Spike. Done beautifully in "Ballad of Fallen Angels", as Spike is hurled out of a church window just after having dropped a grenade at Vicious's feet.

He remembers his past with Julia over the lilting strains of " Green Bird ". A flock of these go flying when Julia is killed. Another flock takes off when Spike apparently dies. Does Not Like Shoes: Ed is never seen wearing them, and apparently hadn't for a significant time prior to her appearance as she has proven herself skilled at typing with her toes.

The anime goes even further to demonstrate exactly how uncomfortable Edward is with footwear. She at one point decided to wear socks outside, but was completely unable to keep her footing and immediately discarded them.

When Faye finds that only canned dog food is left in the fridge she scarfs it down right in front of a hungry Ein. If you don't work you don't eat. You're a hunting dog; hunt up some food! Do Not Adjust Your Set: Do Well, but Not Perfect: Jet's advice to Spike when they visit a casino.

The Invisible Hand of Julia

May not apply depending on how you interpret the ending, but if you subscribe to the belief that Spike died at the end, then Faye's story is rather depressing.

She spends the series trying to regain her memories, only to find that there's nothing left for her from the past and that she needs to move on with the friends she currently has. And then two of them leave with little more than a message saying goodbye and one of them runs off to his death because HE is unable to let go of the past himself. The fact that the last shot we see of her in the series is her sobbing alone puts it home pretty well. All over the place the series has Noisy Guns in general.

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When the Bebop runs out of or fuel, which happens a few times over the course of the series, they will just drift to their destination. When Faye finds her old house and discovers there's nothing left but ruins. Dream Within a Dream: Within a dream, within a dream