Clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

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clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

Warning: SPOILERS for Action Comics # Superman and Lois Lane are taking a break but not necessarily ending their marriage. In Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #99 & , Lois Lane and Lana Lang are . a world where Superman and Lois Lane actually get married. Forget Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's celebrity break-up. The longtime power couple of comics, Superman and Lois Lane, is calling it.

It might not be the right thing but its what, inevitably, occurs.

clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

Superman, on the other hand, is a character who is intended to be cherry and optimistic. This means that his relationship with Lois has been really explored and delved into from every angle. Superman in domestic bliss with Lois Lane is his natural state. Lois and Superman, however, have never really turned their back on one another. However, both versions of those characters were quickly exorcised from DC canon. In current continuity the whole incident, thankfully, never occurred.

Throughout his various adaptations, Batman has received several love interests. With Superman however, his endgame love interest is always Lois Lane. Batman often can't do what Catwoman wants or needs. Superman, on the other hand, will do whatever Lois wants him to do.

It's level of devotion that only mere mortals can imagine. However, most things about Superman are unbelievable. So his love life should be just as ideal. Catwoman is the classic femme fatale and Batman is the hero caught in her grasp. Clark can be viewed as either a farm boy or as an alien from a planet that no longer exists.

Maxima told Lois that Clark would have never been able to break through her hold had it not been for his feelings for Lois. Lois also demonstrated a certain attraction for Clark on the three occasions where she witnessed him openly using his powers, although she always forgot what she saw in the aftermath [4]but came to appreciate him as a person after they started working together in the Daily Planet, until Clark felt ready to tell her his secret himself.

Lois's role in Clark's life is crucial, as she provides him with an "anchor" to his humanity, allowing him to forge and sustain bonds with people and keep him human at heart so that she is able to "ground" him.

It is also Lois's fierce belief and determination in Clark that helps him to embrace his destiny to become a hero. After Chloe's alleged death, her cousinLois Lane, went to Smallville to investigate. Knowing that Chloe had a close relationship with Clark KentLois went in search of Clark for answers.

Clark was disoriented, naked, as well as suffering from amnesiaso Lois came to his aid and took him to the Smallville Medical Center. As there was no known family to look after Clark, the receptionist assigned Lois to watch over Clark until he could be identified.

Lois clearly found this responsibility a nuisance but reluctantly obliged. Once Lois discovered that he was in fact Clark Kent, she was keen to get to know him better to help with her investigation.

However, Martha Kent was keen to keep them apart while he was under the influence of his Kryptonian persona. After Clark returned to normal, Clark offered to help Lois uncover Chloe's death and suggested she stay at his house while she was in town.

Lois and Clark's personalities wildly clashed during her stay, as she had little respect for his privacy and even barged in on him in the shower, much to his shock.

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As soon as they began their investigation and even after finding Chloe alivethey continued to argue and trade insults. However, when Lois revealed that her mother had died when she was little, Clark sympathized with Lois.

clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

Lois and Clark's reaction after they found out Lois would be staying a little longer. Clark was less than thrilled when he discovered that Lois would be staying in Smallville for a while longer, as she had failed her last semester of high school and had to finish at Smallville High. Lois was also desperate to leave and helped Clark and Chloe write articles for the Smallville Torch for extra credit.

Early in the year, she dunked Clark in the school dunk tank. Clark and Lois talk about siblings in Lucy. Lois was kicked out of the University shortly after and relied on Clark to let her stay at the Kent Farm again. Lois wound up staying in Clark's bedroom for the remainder of the school year while Clark slept on the couch. Although they usually fought, they sometimes had moments of friendship as Lois tried to adjust to small town life and the strange goings-on in Smallville. Lois threw a party for Chloe's eighteenth birthday in Clark's barn.

Although Clark warned Lois that he had someone coming from Princeton University to interview him, Lois showed no concern and went ahead with the party plans anyway. Lois also showed that she was not impressed with Clark's choice of girlfriend, when he started a relationship with ex-mental patient, Alicia Baker.

Lois and Clark at prom Clark and Lois' relationship gradually turned to friendship when they needed each other for support. When Alicia diedLois offered Clark her condolences and felt sorry for Clark. Having discovered that the murderer was Tim Westcottshe confided in Clark but he was so consumed with grief and rage that Clark almost killed him.

clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

Lois was able to reach out to Clark and calm him down. When Lois's little sister Lucy ran away, Lois confided in Clark that she felt guilty about how Lucy had turned out and Clark tried to reassure her that she was a good big sister.

Lois then thanked Clark for his help and gave him a compliment saying "you're amazing smallville. This drew Clark and Lois closer as they admitted to being secret friends, at that moment two stars collidedforeshadowing their relationship.

Lois and Clark discuss what could possible be in store for their future Despite getting closer, their bickering continued. Lois hit a dog and brought him to the Kent farm. Even though Lois was highly allergic, Clark decided to keep him. In retaliation, Lois suggested they name the dog 'Clarkie' on the grounds that he was annoying and she couldn't come within ten feet of him without feeling sick.

Clark was surprised when Lois suggested that she accompany him to the Senior Prom. Seeing how beautiful she looked in her prom dress, Clark agreed.

However, he later discovered that Lois was possessed by the spirit of Dawn Stiles and once Lois was exorcised of her, Lois was not impressed that she was Clark's date. Clark attempted to have a dance with Lois but she politely declined saying "thanks but I'm not the one you wanna dance with, she is" pointing at Lana Lang arriving at the dance.

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The day Clark graduated from high school, Clark didn't even try to conceal his delight when Lois announced that she and her father were leaving town to locate her sister.

She started to give him a compliment about graduating high school but couldn't resist the opportunity to tease him one last time. Season Five "There are times when I think you don't know me at all. And others when I think you know me better than anyone One save at a time. The second meteor shower interrupted Lois' plans to leave and instead, she met up with Clark again at the hospital.

Clark thanked Lois for being there for his parents while he was trying to save Smallville. Lois was nearly drownedbut Arthur Curry manage to saved her. Lois quickly developed feelings for him. However, Clark remained suspicious of AC, as he exhibited metahuman powers in the water. Lois thought that Clark was jealous and got angry with Clark. After the confusion was set straight, Arthur left and Lois and Clark reconciled. Clark comforted Lois as she began to wonder if she would ever find the right guy.

Clark checks on Lois at the hospital. Lois asks what's he doing there. Acting independently of each other, Clark and Lois went undercover to investigate the murder of a stripper that was connected with Jonathan's friend, Senator Jack Jennings. Clark was surprised to see Lois posing as a stripper to infiltrate the club.

clark kent and lois lane relationship advice

He was clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable to see Lois like this, although Clark's eyes seemed drawn to the scantily-clad Lois. The investigation led to Lois being kidnapped by Mr. It's the most ridiculous two-part court-room drama that's ever been conceived. Then Lois, who is driving with Lana in the passengers seat, accidentally drives off a bridge into a lake.

Lois escapes, but Lana drowns and Lois is charged with first-degree murder. Batman believes in her innocence, though, and Superman decides to the prosecutor. What follows is Superman presenting overwhelming evidence of Lois' guilt, begging her to plead insanity, and relentlessly reminding Lois that she appears to be guilty and is going to receive the death penalty if she doesn't cooperate.

Throughout the ordeal, everyone is constantly wondering why Superman is trying to have his girlfriend put on death row, and while the story is eventually resolved and the case is dismissed, Superman's true intentions are never revealed other than his need to "do stuff by the book.

Clark and Lois

You cook for me, in my cave! Does anymore need to be said? The gist is this: Isn't it comforting to know that the world's greatest superhero, when reduced to just his primal instincts, is just a raving maniac with abusive intentions?

When Superman confronts him, demanding the antidote, the Joker reveals that the only way to cure Lois is to inject the poison into the Joker, allow it to mix with his chemically altered blood-- thereby producing antibodies to make the antidote???

So Superman agrees to let Lois die. Lois is dying in front of him, and still we wait for him to save the day.