Castle and beckett first meet fanfiction twilight

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castle and beckett first meet fanfiction twilight

A very different start to Castle and Beckett. After meeting on a whim on a beach, will they meet again? Will they find each other in the city?. Alternate first meetings of Castle and Beckett. Castle never married gina, Alexis is 4 and Castle and Beckett met under completly different circumstances. Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 48 - Words: , What would have happened if, when Nick first met Adalind, she didn't woge? "Detective Castle, this is Katherine Beckett, famous mystery novelist with

They drank on the room's balcony, watching nighttime New York turn on the lights. I saw the way he looked at you. He had a bigger crush on you than I had on Liam Payne. It was breezy so far off the ground. I did—momentarily—have a bit of a thing for him.

But it was just never the right time. And finally, we just parted ways. Ships passing in the night, I guess. Life's like that, Alex. We tell ourselves things are inevitable or fate or meant to be, but so often, all it takes is one little push—one butterfly flapping its wings—maybe in some other dimension, there's some Kate Beckett pregnant with a little baby Castle because her alarm clock didn't ring one morning or something silly like that.

Or maybe in every possible universe, we cross paths and nothing happens. It's a crapshoot, Alex. All I know is, I'm happy right now, this way, and I don't know any other way I'd like to be.

I never really wanted you and my dad to get together. I just wanted you to be happy. Sometimes, you seemed kinda sad. He was a really good friend and he showed me how to enjoy life a bit more than I used to. But I can't see myself with him. This isn't Game of Thrones.

You seemed really serious about that guy during college prep, what was his name—" "Don't ask me, I can't remember either. Harvard doesn't let me get away with a lot of spare time. You don't want to work too hard, Alex.

It seemed like the thing to do with the sun going down. I put myself out there, some. I just don't go trawling for it like some people do. I don't think you have to. When you meet the right person, and you're the right person for them, you just sorta know.

Have you got enough for your dissertation?

castle and beckett first meet fanfiction twilight

You're way more fun to hang out with than you give yourself credit for. Maybe you could stop by over the weekend? Take my spare key. Show up anytime, I'm just going to be enjoying room service and typing my fingers off.

castle and beckett first meet fanfiction twilight

The next morning, three people were found dead in Central Park, eyes gouged out, tongues painted blue, and the murder weapon apparently a medieval axe. Castle would've loved it. She ended up working all through Saturday and Sunday, finally getting a warrant just before the judge went to bed and arresting a perp deep in the AM.

Thankfully, Monday was her day off. She unplugged the alarm clock and slept past noon.

It was only after she'd eaten a grossly misnamed breakfast that she thought of Alexis. She tried Alex's phone, but went to voicemail. Feeling like shit, she drove out to the hotel. Her card key still worked on the lock, so she let herself in. And found Alexis asleep at her writing desk, conked out before her laptop. Kate hadn't been the only one to pull an all-nighter.

Kate put a blanket on her and managed to cajole her into accepting a cushion under her head. In the process, she saw plane tickets back to Harvard. They were for seven o'clock.

Alex didn't have long to pack. But one look at the girl and Kate couldn't bear to wake her. So, she decided to pack for her. It was pretty easy. Alex had packed light, though like her father, she couldn't resist bringing along a barrage of little knickknacks that 'helped her write'. Kate dutifully wrapped them up for the trip back. She was just about to start on the clothes—Alexis was the only person she knew who put her clothes in the hotel cabinets on trips.

Legend of Zelda - Rated: After finding out shocking news she finds herself at a crossroads between her old life and the possibility for something new and wonderful Newly Beta'd by LSU15!

castle and beckett first meet fanfiction twilight

However, she gets more than she bargained for when she meets the prince. AU Thanks to Emma for the awesome cover art. Beckett is on the verge of a break down. The team is in trouble. Enemies are closing in. This is indeed a dark hour. First chapter is a little slow because it is all set up but after that it will pick up,I promise.

This time it's his past that's hurled them into danger. A 6X23 continuation fic. Heat Noir by Minstrel reviews They met briefly during the war. Now she is out for justice and revenge.

He is trying to resurrect his writing career and get over a divorce. Their paths cross and soon they are plunged into a world of murder, spies and constant danger.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: After a shooting on the red carpet, Kate's publicist insists on hiring her a bodyguard. Richard Castle, ex-army sniper, is hired to protect her, though Beckett insists that she can take care of herself. Captain by Cassie Bones reviews Lady Katherine Beckett's life is thrown into turmoil when her family is attacked, forcing her to find refuge with the crew of Captain Montgomery's pirate ship.

The Captain takes in the young girl and raises him along with his crew of misfit youth and his young daughter, Lanie. Kate becomes his successor and helps Sir Richard Castle and his family. Can they learn to rely on the other; will it lead to something more? What happens when they return from exile and the world learns the truth? Giant hugs to who've taken a chance on this story and followed to the end. Which is just a beginning Get up, work, and then go to bed.

Kate Beckett was bored. She needed a change in her routine. So, after some nagging from her best friend, she allowed herself to be set up on a blind date… and that's when she met Rick Castle. Entry for Castle Ficathon. Don't you want to protect her? Isn't that what all of this is about? Rating for language and mature themes.

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And now, even more committed to one another, they face joys and hardships and adventures while he is an outlaw, and she a spy. Takes place immediately before my story, Into the Fall. The Hamptons trip doesn't work out, and Castle comes back to the city in time to score himself an invitation to Beckett's camping trip.