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But then again, they have a market of one, so they have to work with you. Running a double agent is a relationship; there's a give and take. As Michael and Fiona stroll along the beach, Fiona is suggesting that Miami isn't. Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen and Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne on The rest you'll have to tune in to find out, when “Burn Notice,” USA's forming a family: Westen's broken relationship with his real family, and . The Australian · Checkout51 · News America Marketing · francinebavay.info · Unruly. 'Burn Notice' Gabrielle Anwar Q&A: 'I want to explore Fiona's past' Do you think Fiona and Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) belong together? somebody out there that potentially could sabotage a relationship, but it's very seldom worth it." . various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid.

Her bouts of drinking usually ended with her temper flaring hotter. When she'd found out he wasn't Michael McBride, she'd launched a beer bottle at him that had landed squarely in his chest and improbably exploded.

There had to have been a flaw in the glass, similar to the flaw in their relationship, silent and undetected until put under pressure. There was a reason you normally broke a beer bottle before using it for a weapon. She'd seemed to have bounced back by the following morning after making the contact.

At first, he smirked in spite of himself for being at least perceptive enough to have a hand- or more accurately hands, lips, and other body parts- in improving her mood overnight and then he sighed heavily. If only they could connect as well when they were vertical as they did when they were horizontal, they could have probably saved each other years of heartache.

She'd been cheerful enough until the quartet of motorcycles had shown up. Michael tightened his grip on the steering wheel and watched her out of the corner of his eye. I didn't know that, Fiona. She was either passed out, asleep, or determined to ignore him.

He'd never had to wonder where he stood with her before. His Irish lover had always let him know almost immediately if he'd angered or disappointed her with either the lash of her tongue or the sting of her hand. These were untested waters. Worse yet, it was still water and no way of knowing how deep it ran.

He hadn't enjoyed the feeling that had washed over him watching Fiona ride away on the back of that bike or the one that had settled in while he was waiting for her to come back. He was just now beginning to appreciate what was on the other side of the sniper scope so to speak and he found he didn't care for the view.

No response at all. The silence was becoming a physical presence in the vehicle. It was a testament to how unnerved he was that Michael did something he had rarely ever done in the five years he had had the Charger. He turned the radio on. Nate had made a point to upgrade the sound system when he had helped Michael rebuild the car and he was pleasantly surprised with how clear it sounded. Be careful little lips what you say for empty words and promises Leave broken hearts astray It's a slow fade when you give yourself away It's a slow fade when black and white are turned to gray and thoughts invade, choices are made A price will be paid When you give yourself away People never crumble in a day Okay, not so pleasantly surprised.

He changed the channel. I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me Or am I even in its mind at all Perhaps I'll get a chance to look ahead and see Soon as I find myself a crystal ball Soon as I find myself a crystal ball And that fast, he was thirteen years old again, hiding out in a stolen car, using the radio for company while trying to decide if it was safe enough to sneak back into the house or just give in and sleep in the car.

Tell me, tell me where I'm going I don't know where I've been Tell me, tell me, won't you tell me And then tell me again My heart is breaking, my body's aching And I don't know where to go Tell me, tell me, won't you tell me I've just got to know Definitely not helping. The last thing he needed was a trip down memory lane, particularly since his road was more Elm Street than anything. Now he remembered why he never listened to music after getting recruited into the CIA. Michael reached out to turn off the stereo, but hit another button instead How did we get here?

Well, I used to know you so well. How did we get here? Well, I think I know. Fiona stirred as the music cut off. She regarded him momentarily, then shut her bleary eyes and turned her face to the windshield again.

Maybe, he decided in another moment of relational clarity, she was having her own trip down the streets of Belfast past and, while he didn't know every piece of her history, he knew there was no shortage of things to haunt her if she let them. Except, she almost never let them. What the hell had happened while he was gone? For that matter, he suddenly remembered as he pulled into the space below the stairs that led to the loft, where the hell had that cache of automatic weapons come from?

Fiona hadn't been there when he returned from his jaunt with Agent Pearce, hadn't come back while he'd cleaned up and changed for the agency debriefing and hadn't answered her phone-first while he examined the deadly machines that appeared to be top-of—the-line black market wares and again on his way to the restaurant.

He had been relieved when he spotted her little blue coupe in the parking lot. Sam, of course, is the muscle.

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Madeline did not like Michael's secrecy and vague explanations why she needed to leave town in the first two seasons and by the third season Michael started being more open to her. As Madeline is better informed on the situation, as well as participating in the missions herself on occasion, she is learning that Michael was trying to protect her from knowing the hard decisions he sometimes has to make. When Fiona gets abducted, she breaks the arms of the chair she's handcuffed to so that she can move around the room freely.

Michael frequently talks about the need to stay emotionally detached, but frequently he takes clients solely because kids are involved. It's a sore spot for him. It's happened no less than 8 times. For two little kids getting smacked around by their father? Michael would take on the entire Chinese army. He's also got one in Fiona. Because of her, Michael shoots, in cold blood, the man who was going to get him back in.

Sam and Fiona also have berserk buttons when kids are involved. Generally, it's a bad plan to threaten children around Team Westen. I'll plant a nine-iron in his skull if it helps. He will stand by and help his friends even if it means getting into trouble himself. For him, a friend in need is his highest priority and he'll try very hard not to screw over his friends.

There are many examples, subtle and otherwise, but it's a large part of "Breach of Faith" and "Dead or Alive". Better to Die Than Be Killed: He prefers Michael to do the deed instead of letting The Management's goons get to him.

Fiona Glenanne

Beware the Nice Ones: Michael is easily the most level-headed of the group, but aside from having a sore spot for abused children, the only time he has been willing to kill someone is when Sam, Fiona, Madeline or Nate are in trouble.

In season one, Michael thinks it's Cowan. In season two, Victor well, until he teams up with Michael and Carla. In season three, Simon. In the first half of season four, John Barrett. In the season four finale, Brennen.

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It's actually Larry and Vaughn. In season five it's Anson, furthermore we learn that he was the man who burnt Michael which arguably makes him the Big Bad of the entire series Big Damn Heroes: All throughout the series, but the most recent and prominent one is in the season 4 finale.

Mike, Fiona, and Jesse have been cornered by Vaughn and his goons, Jesse has an injured leg and Mike and Fi are about to make the ultimate sacrifice, the audience is left wondering how the hell they're gonna get out of this one. Then suddenly Sam arrives with the military, and punches Vaughn in the face! The season five midseason finale, "Dead to Rights," ends with a major one. Let's just say that what should be a satisfying moment in-universe and out Larry's death goes terribly wrong, killing two security guards, due to a massive, extremely clever Plan Season five has another in "Depth Perception", in which Michael saves the client, and Anson shows something resembling a human side in helping him do so, even if it's in something of a sadistic way.

The day is saved The same episode gives a series-long arc about Michael's Father something of a bittersweet ending When Anson reveals that he'd spoken extensively with Michael's father, and that the man felt remorse for what he'd done, and wanted to apologize. He was never given a chance, after he was cut down by a heart attack. Oh, and Anson "arranged" the heart attack Blinded by the Light: Team Westen has done this twice, first with a flashbang grenade and once with a car's highbeams.

Michael says it best during the second one: Hiding doesn't always involve staying in the shadows. If your enemies eyes are adjusted to the darkness, then the best hiding place is behind the brightest light you can find. Sam gets one "Honey, I'm home.

Used repeatedly, especially in the fourth season, where it becomes part of the season-long plot when Michael Westen steals a Bible from a safe deposit box that is the code book of Simon. Dead Larry proves him wrong, relying on this trope to get the safe's contents. Sam in the season one finale. Michael often does this when he knows he is being bugged. Bluff the Impostor Break-In Threat: In an early episode, someone sneaks into Michael's apartment and leaves surveillance photos all over his floor Along with all that is a card that says "Welcome to Miami" and a handwritten note that says something to the effect of "We'll be watching you".

She never once gives Michael up, but at the end of the episode, Madeline believes that Michael's been either put in jail or killed. And again in "Made Man", when Jesse lets slip to Madeline that he's a burned spy himself. Madeline puts two and two together, realizes that Michael burned Jesse and has been lying to him the entire time, and reams Michael out for what he's done. Maddie also mentions during the above that she figured things out with Jesse because he had the same look of betrayal, anger, pain and what have you as Nate did when Michael left for the military Which likely counts as a BTC moment for Nate.

Maddie repeats this though this time it's about Nate. She reveals to Michael that Nate used to get beat up at school when Michael wasn't around to protect him from the bullies. Sometimes used to further the Batman Gambitespecially in "Rough Seas".

Michael tries to convince Libyan operative Anwar to get the attention of Philip Cowan; one of his suggestions was having the head of the Libyan Secret Police send him a fruit basket. Fast forward to the end of the episode and we find out that's exactly what Anwar did.

Another starts in episode 1 and ends 50 episodes later. In episode 1, Michaels Russian landlord comments that he thought the name Michael Westin was a code name, used to spook russion special forces. Episode 51 has a team of russian special forces tangling with Michael. Michael does this on the fly when he needs to. One notable example has him talking to Fiona about the Irish cover ID he had when they met, dropping the accent when he mentions the need to put past cover IDs behind him.

Fiona also does this when talking to Michael when he had infiltrated a prison. They were discussing his escape plans in the visitor lobby and when a guard approached them she immediately went into a very thick southern accent "Excuse me!

This conversation does NOT concern you! Bruce Wayne Held Hostage: Played straight and then in season 4, inverted - Michael and Sam end up being the hostage takers. When kidnappers show up at a party, Fiona plays out being wealthy socialite "Charlotte Finley" alongside the primary kidnapping victim. She worked to undermine their plans from the inside with a healthy dose of Obfuscating Stupidity.

Usually averted though sometimes invoked when scaring off bad guys. Seymour, who despite being unstable and eccentric is apparently a very successful arms dealer. Spencer, who despite his constant paranoid conspiracy babble about "aliens" really spiesis a brilliant mathematician, genius cryptographer, and has an uncanny knack for pattern analysis.

In Panama, Michael promised Fiona that when his name is clear, he is out of the agency. At the end of the season, the team is in a CIA prison. When they are released, Michael is giving orders to other agents. When Fiona confronts him, he states he did what needed to be done, but Fiona's response is he did what he wanted. She withdraws from Michael's reach in tears. He broke his promise. In season 7 their relationship takes a turn for the worse. After nearly nine months of not seeing each other Fiona and Michael finally come face to face.

After Fiona was kidnapped, Michael started remembering the time they met in Ireland. Michael arrives at the place where Fiona is being held captive, there he remembers that back in Ireland, Fi told him a story, she said that her father would tell her to be brave.

Before hanging up on her Michael told Fiona: After saving her life, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, the Irish way of breaking up. Fiona is later arrested where she learns that Michael saved her and the gang from going to jail.

It is here where she realized she made a mistake, in breaking up with him and for doubting him. Carlos, Fiona's "new" boyfriend breaks up with her because he sees that Fiona still loves Michael and that he will always be the love of her life. In the penultimate episode "Sea Change" Fiona puts a tracker in Michael's gun and the team learns that Michael is about to betray the CIA, Jesse tells the team that Michael is not the same and that he is lost.

Fiona tells the team that if they don't stop him, "there won't be a [Michael Westen] left to save". Fiona heads to the roof where Sonya threatens to kill her in front of Michael, a shot is heard and the screen goes black.

Michael goes to his mom's house and Madeline asks Michael if he is coming to Charlie's birthday party. Michael says he is not sure but Madeline tells Michael that Charlie wanted him there. Michael and Fiona are captured by James' men and Madeline tells Michael that she has to make the ultimate sacrifice saying, "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

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Fiona asks "should we shoot them? A battle of guns ensues and Michael tells Fiona he wants to live more than he ever has. Apparently Michael and Fiona die in the explosion. It is later shown through flashbacks that they survived. After Sam wishes luck on Michael, Jesse and Sam leave. The next scene shows what appears to be a cottage in Ireland.

Fiona is seen getting hot chocolate and Charlie is asleep in Michael's lap. Michael asks Fiona what he will tell Charlie when he is older. Fiona asks about what and Michael tells her "about me" Fiona tells him to tell Charlie the truth. Michael asks where would he start and Fiona tells him "start from the beginning.

Start with 'my name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy". Michael smiles, and he and Fiona kiss, Fiona raising Charlie as if he was her own and living happily ever after in Ireland.

Sam[ edit ] At some point in the past, Sam Axe foiled an attempt by Fiona to sell a large shipment of weapons to a Libyan arms dealer, costing her a considerable sum of money. Upon being reacquainted with him in Miami, she was at first understandably very hostile towards him, often making disparaging remarks about him and belittling him for being under the thumb of the Feds.

After working together on several jobs, she began to mellow towards Sam and even admitted that she admired the loyalty that he displayed for his friends.