Buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

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buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

As the show continued without Angel, Buffy had a few relationships the Season 2 episode “School Hard,” and for a good few seasons was a. In one of season 1's best monster-of-the-week episodes, the demon . After Spike's unreciprocated infatuation, Buffy begins a relationship with. "Something Blue" is a great episode of the Fourth Season, and I really liked it a lot. The romance between Buffy and Spike and their reactions in the end are.

While Giles' implores them to see reason, they happily discuss photographers and flower arrangements.

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Xander and Anya arrive, with demons hot on their tail, and pretty soon they deduce that Willow must be behind this mess. They set out to look for her, unaware that she is being approached by Anya's old boss, who'd like her to become a vengeance demon.

These's so much to love about this episode. Amy popping out of rat form for about 3 seconds. Xander screaming as demons break down his door.

The Harsh Light of Day

Willow baking cookies to ease her pain. And Buffy and Spike are just so, SO funny together. She makes him a little bit lighter, so suddenly Spike's worrying about Giles. And he makes her a little bit darker, so suddenly Buffy's smearing red paint on the cake-topper groom's mouth to represent the "blood of the innocent.

They're bickering over Angel and Dru and making out at every opportunity. It's even funnier because of Giles. Both Spike and Buffy view Giles as an authority figure. They've been tattling to him about each other all episode.

Buffy and Spike

Spike gives Buffy a skull shaped engagement ring. Which is extra ridiculous if you contrast it with the beautiful colladgah ring that Angel gave her in season two's "Suprise. The poor guy is blind and they're still hassling him. It's just really funny stuff. It showed Angel and Buffy sharing a perfect day and served as a reminded of their tragically beautiful love story. With "Something Blue" we get Spike and Buffy being cute and funny and having undeniable chemistry together.

While Harmony and Spike fight, Drusilla breaks free and goes after Buffy while the Slayer is still chained up.

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Spike grabs Drusilla, and unchains Buffy. Realizing that the Spike she once loved is gone forever, Drusilla leaves Sunnydale heartbroken. Harmony leaves Spike, telling him it's completely over between the two of them.

The minute she leaves, Buffy physically attacks Spike and storms off. Spike follows her and desperately attempts to get her to talk to him, but Buffy makes it very clear that he is no longer a part of her life, and he is to stay away from her and her family and friends from now on.

buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

Undaunted, Spike tries to follow her into her house, only to find that she has had his invitation revoked. As he recovers from the surprise, Buffy merely glares at him with disdain and closes the door in his face.

buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

It turned out to be a good play because we were able to take them to interesting places throughout the rest of the season. Xander refers to Spike as " Evil Dead ". Willow and Tara discuss The Hunchback of Notre Damewith Tara coming to the conclusion that "you know it's not going to be a happy ending when the main guy's all bumpy", a reference to several relationships throughout the series. Tara also says Quasimodo had no moral compass and was selfishly motivated by love for a woman who couldn't love him back, a clear reference to Spike's demonic nature and unrequited love for Buffy.

buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

Continuity[ edit ] In Spike's lair, he tells Buffy that he loves her. Drusilla begins to laugh and then says "I knew. I knew before you did that you loved the Slayer. After Buffy finds out how Spike feels she asks "Are you out of your mind?

This episode marks the final "in person" appearance of Drusilla in the Buffyverse as all her future appearances are either in the forms of illusions or flashbacks.

buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

Arc significance[ edit ] Crossover with Angel: Drusilla's arrival in Sunnydale follows the events of " Redefinition ". Harmony is next seen in " Disharmony ". Spike's feelings toward Buffy become known to Buffy and the Scoobies at large.

buffy and spike relationship episodes matt

P Anya, never forget and ended with the status quo of the entire world changed forever. With the defeat of The First -- an apocalyptic evil that birthed all other evil in the world -- Buffy had ensured that she was no longer the only Slayer in the world. Instead, any young woman with the potential to become a Slayer, gained those powers instantly, creating an all-new Slayer army.

All of this was only made possible, however, by the sacrifice of Spike, who came to the end of his character arc in the only way he could.

15 Secrets Only True Fans Know About Buffy And Angel’s Relationship

Following a perfect night spent together, this happiness was not meant to last. Angel soon discovered that by becoming human, he had sacrificed any chance he had at continuing his superheroic mission. In order to continue to fight the good fight, he convinced the Oracles to wind back time to before his fight with the Mohra, and before the perfect day he shared with Buffy. This heartbreaking decision was made worse by the fact that only he will ever remember the time they spent together.