Buddhism man and nature relationship

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buddhism man and nature relationship

This article examines Buddhist concepts of the universe, life and The realm of humanity: although humans suffer, this is considered the most fortunate in eternal suffering by their ignorance of the nature of the universe. The connection between Buddhism and nature is inseparable. Buddhism . with nature by showing the inter-relationship between man and his. our attention on the spiritual problem of man and ways to deal with it. There have been relation to the iss stated assertion that world-rejecting, seekin and in China, as a result of the confluence of Buddhism and Taoism, that Nature came to.

I think morally speaking we can think like that and we should all be concerned for our environment. Then I think there is another viewpoint. In this case It IS not a question of morality or ethics, not that question; is a question of our own survival. Not only this generation, but for other generations, the environment is something very important. If we exploit the natural environment in an extreme way, today we might gee-some other benefit but in the long run we ourselves will suffer and other generations will suffer.

So when the environment changes, climatic conditions also change. When it changes dramatically, economic structures and many other things also change, even our physical body. So you can seethe great effect from that change. So from that viewpoint this is not only a question of our own survival. Therefore, in order to achieve more effective results and in order to succeed in the protection, conservation and preservation of the natural environment, first of all, I think, it is also important to bring about internal balance within human beings themselves.

buddhism man and nature relationship

Since negligence of the environment - which has resulted in lots of harm to the human community - came about by ignorance of the very special importance of the environment, I think it is very important first of all to instill this knowledge within human beings. So, it is very important to teach or tell people about its importance bring own benefit.

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Then, one of the other most important things again, as I am always saying, is the importance of compassionate thought. As I mentioned earlier, even from ones own selfish viewpoint, you need other people.

So, by showing concern for other people's welfare, sharing other people's suffering, and by helping other people, ultimately one will gain benefit. If one thinks only of oneself and forgets about others, ultimately one will lose.

buddhism man and nature relationship

This also is something like nature's law. I think it is quite simple. If you do not show a smile to other people, and show some kind of bad look or like that, the other side wi1l also give a similar response. If you show other people a very sincere and open attitude there will also be a similar response. So it is quite simple logic.

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Everybody wants friends and does not want enemies. The proper way to create friends is through a warm heart and not simply money or power. Friends of power and friends of money are something different.

These are not friends. A true friend should be a real friend of heart, isn't it so? I am always telling people that those friends who come to you when you have money and power are not your true friends but friends of money and power.

Because as soon as your money and power disappear, those friends are also ready to say goodbye, bye-bye. So you see these friends are not reliable. Genuine and true human friends will always share your sorrow, your burdens and will always come to you whether you are successful or unlucky. So the way to create such a friend is not through anger, not mere education, not mere intelligence, but by the heart - a good heart. So, as I always say if you think in a deeper way if you are going to be selfish, then you should be wisely selfish, not narrow mindedly selfish.

From that viewpoint, the key thing is the sense of Universal Responsibility, that is the real source of strength, the real source of happiness. From that perspective, if in our generation we exploit every available thing: So if we have a genuine sense of universal responsibility, as the central motivation and principle, then from that direction our relations with the environment will be well balanced.

Similarly with every aspect of relationships, our relations with our neighbors, our family neighbors, or country neighbors, will be balanced from that direction. Actually, in ancient rimes many great thinkers, as well as great spiritual masters were produced in this country, India.

So, I feel in modern times these great Indian thinkers, such as Mahatma Gandhi as well as some politicians, implemented these noble ideas like ahimsa in the political arena.

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In a certain way India's foreign policy of non-alignment is also related to with that kind of moral principle. So I think further expansion, or further development of these noble ideas, or noble actions, in this country is very relevant and very important.

Now in this respect, another thing which I feel to be very important is what is consciousness, what is mind? Up to now, especially I think in the Western world, during the last one or two centuries science and technology have been very much emphasized and that mainly deals with matter. Now, today, some of the nuclear physicists and neurologists have started investigating and analyzing particles in a very detailed and deep way.

While doing so, they found out some kind of involvement from the observer's side which they sometimes call "the knower". What is," the knower"? Simply speaking it is the being, the human being, like the scientists through which ways do scientists know? I think through the brain. Now, about the brain, Western scientists have not yet fully identified the more than hundred billion of cells of the brain. I think out of a hundred billion only a few hundred have been identified so far.

So now the mind, whether you call it mind or a special energy of the brain, or consciousness, You will see that there is a relationship between the brain and the mind and the mind and matter.

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This I think is something important. However, from a wider view, we can see that the five fingers are connected to each other, even though each finger is different from one another. Buddhism views that everything in the world is interconnected. When Buddha gained enlightenment, it was the realization that interconnectedness is the true nature of all beings.

We are not only connected to other people, but to the air through our breathing and to the universe through light.

buddhism man and nature relationship

Thus, severing these interconnections means death for all beings. Therefore, these interconnected relationships should be symbiotic. In the case of the environment, if humans want to develop nature, they need to do so within nature's ability to recover. Conversely, if nature is developed beyond its ability to recover, all beings will eventually be destroyed.

buddhism man and nature relationship

While overdevelopment of nature may seem beneficial to humans from a short term perspective, eventually there will be long term consequences that will harm humans. Thus, the most important Buddhist value is to respect all living things and not carelessly harm or destroy them.