Bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

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bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

about MCU romance, Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff are not the The relationship between Black Widow and the Winter Soldier was. Natasha Romanova, better known as Black Widow, is one of the . When the KGB decided they wanted Romanoff to become a secret agent, they For a long time, no one knew about Bucky Barnes' relationship with Black. 3 days ago Due to this past relationship, Bucky often refers to Natasha as "Natalia" a case of you by irnan, Spy-like, Natasha Romanov pokes her nose in.

Before Captain America got through to Bucky to make him stop fighting the good guys, Bucky had given a good fight against them for Red Skull and control of the Cosmic Cube. Black Widow had also fought the Avengers for years, working as a Hydra associate.

bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

She later saw the light and flipped to the Avengers, the good side. Between their meeting in the '60s, in the Red Room, and the present day, the two have switched sides more often and eliminated more people than can be deemed normal. Due to their stints with the Red Room, their brains have been erased multiple times over the course of their very long lives.

Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanova

Despite their relationship always being wiped in the collateral damage, they always got back together. Between that break and their reunion after Bucky finally became Captain America, the couple was apart for around fifty years.

bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

This long separation is the most epic part of their romance. Being reunited almost as coincidentally as they were thrown together makes Black Widow and the Winter Soldier a tragically flawed couple. This interlude also makes their romance one of the longest running in the universe, since both characters have been around for so long. This could mean that the Winter Soldier still has a powerful memory block about some of his history, or there are no plans to reveal that romance at any stage.

After a complicated reference to a past with Hawkeye and a romance that never got off the ground with Hulk, Black Widow is due for a relationship that actually has some hope in it.

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One line is pretty thin but at least it leaves the door open to a complicated past. In between her mind-altering sessions, she gravitated to Bucky.

Shostakovich went on to serve as the Red Guardian, and then on his own as Ronin. Natasha had idea, due to his fragmented memory and the curtain of secrecy, that her lover was once the sidekick to Captain America, or that his name is even Bucky Barnes. She knew him by his first name, James.

bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

This made for quite the reunion when they met next, although it was hampered by his still being brainwashed and fighting for the, but after a long hiatus, the two super spies eventually found each other again, somehow still alive after all these years. Heroes of Tomorrow, a potential future of the present day Avengers team is imagined, and unfortunately, they take Black Widow and Winter Soldier and send them in a less romantic direction.

Together, the two are even better, giving a voice and a second to the audiences skepticism of doing the right thing all the time, especially when they have their abilities. Sometimes this pays off, and S.

Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff

Slowly, the real Natasha emerges from the Black Widow brainwashing and she helps the Avengers on a few missions on her way to becoming an agent of S. In the end, she restored her memory and admitted the real Black Widow wasn't interested.

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He was disappointed, as we all would be. Heroes of Tomorrow imagined a different future where Black Widow called "the Spy" and Captain America referred to as "the Soldier" formed the ultimate union. In an alternate future, most of the Avengers have paired off and had children until they're killed during a fight with Ultron, who succeeds in taking over the world. The Avengers leave their kids with Tony Stark, who hides and trains them in a secret Arctic facility.

James proves he's inherited his heroism from his parents by joining with the other children to save the world. In her past, Chang was the ex-wife of S.

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Their marriage ended because she found out Fury was cheating on her with friends and members of her family, including her own mother. She got the last laugh, though, because she became the director of S.

bucky barnes and natasha romanoff relationship

Marvel launched the crossover event known as "Black September" that merged the Malibu and Marvel universes into one, but there was a brief period when Ultraforce and the Avengers merged into a single pocket universe.

In this universe, Van Dyne became the Wasp but the death of her husband Hank Pym led her to adopt the new identity of Black Widow to avenge him. Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston.