Brian molko and stefan olsdal relationship

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Placebo frontman Brian Molko is an absorbing character. choice – one that could have been incredibly profitable, but myself and Stefan [Olsdal, I'm in a relationship now and I have been for over two years, so I'd say now!. Brian Molko thinks about his relationship with Stef. Brian Molko thinks about his relationship with Stef. brianmolko. placebo. slash. stefanolsdal. Stefan Olsdal tells Myf Warhurst why he and Brian Molko work so well together.

It's about how much it means to you and the effort you are prepared to put in. Cello and I wish I could play it! How is Stefan as part of Placebo and Stefan the producer? Easy to work with. Is it hard to set aside your Placebo print and produce something without leaving too much of yourself? I've been a fan for years and I couldn't help but let all my ideas flood out! Most of it she liked, but some ideas had to go, naturally.

I spent a few sleepless nights trying to get the rhythms right. The vocals and groove carry the song. Even though I had spent years recording, I found that some of my mixing techniques needed some adjusting.

It's all about getting the best possible recorded source sound. It makes every stage up to and including mixing much easier.

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Producing or singing in front of a 15, crowd? When was the last time you attended a concert, besides your own? Ennio Morricone in London. What are your plans for the next couple of years? I can find myself biting my tongue sometimes, but I'd rather now just say it and bring it out into the open.

Instead of just sitting on it and going 'wahuhuhuh' and becoming a nervous wreck. But I'm finding that that's not the way to do it, really. I'm opening my mouth a bit more. And no, I'm not just saying that because I've got a massive cock. But because you couldn't find two differently sized queens than Brian and Stefan. Sits down the second he walks in the room. And Stefan is tall. Or, as I prefer to phrase it, Stefan's very, very long. And, as Brian is the first to admit, he's got "a very big mouth for such a little guy".

He's a bit of a rock and rolling bitch. Stefan, though, is quiet and self-conscious, twisting his spindly arms when he speaks like a drunk man vogue-ing. I've a feeling that their size was as formative for each of them as their sexuality was.

Would Stefan have been the school basketball star if he wasn't six foot whatever? Moreover, would Brian have felt he needed to make such a big impression if he wasn't five foot one? When Placebo first appeared, several journalists weren't quite convinced by Brian. He was cold and he felt like an actor -- more former drama student than drama queen.

Interview with Brian Molko by Christine Lan 8/5/09 | Christine Lan

This time round, though, I think he's awful nice. Which either means he's a better actor or that he's just being himself. Brian was also a victim of The Ambisexuality Paradox -- the more ambiguous or evasive a star is about their sexuality, the more desperate people become to know who they're really fucking.

If you really fancy someone and you're not sure if your feelings are reciprocated, you just end up wanting them more. And I wanted to create that kind of dynamic with our audience and with our fans. To keep them wondering for a time. I didn't really think about it. I didn't have any problems or any fears about it. It was just in conversation with Victoria Segal -- quite good music journalist for Melody Maker. We were talking about being mistaken for a woman all the time, being treated like a woman by men.

And I was saying sometimes when I hang out with girls we get treated very badly by men on the streets and it actually makes me ashamed to be a man. And I just went on to say 'and as someone who is bisexual It was like saying 'well, I had eggs for breakfast' for me, really. And I guess at the back of my mind I've always wanted people to know. Maybe they just wanted to hold onto the more thrilling myth? Or maybe -- like Brian says -- they just wanted to hold on to a handy stick to beat him with?

Nobody really actually did believe me, basically. And people still think that it's this little ploy I invented in order to get girls. And that's just such complete bullshit. And maybe one of the reasons why it hasn't registered with people is they didn't want it to be true.

They want me to be a person who's using ambiguous sexuality or bisexuality as an excuse to get pussy. They want me to be that person. It's something that rock stars do. So twenty-five years after Ziggy Stardust fell to Earth, sexual ambiguity doesn't cause confusion, it causes doubt.

Which is why whenever the subject is approached now in interviews it's one of the first things that I lay down on the table -- this is the way it is. Like it or leave it. I used to feel more straight for certain months and then just think about boys all the time.

brian molko and stefan olsdal relationship

But at the moment things are very evenly balanced within me. But my thing is, me and Stefan never get into arguments about boys because we have completely different types.

Interview with Brian Molko by Christine Lan 8/5/09

The only thing is that I don't seem to meet very many men that I find attractive. And usually when I meet them and develop crushes on them they're usually straight. Or they give in and then they run away. Isn't that what Boy George used to say -- the most fun is when you get straight boys into bed? I'm not very big on big mammaries. I have a tendency to be attracted to very, very boyish girls.

And usually very feminine men. You're looking for something that you like in yourself. I don't like effeminate men I still find them sexy but they're just not my types. I just like them a bit more hunkier and chunkier. I don't do interviews on my own anymore because people focus on me and my psychology and my sexuality and my image and I'm like, 'hold on, excuse me -- there's two other people in this band.

Let's talk about some fucking music for a change'.

brian molko and stefan olsdal relationship

Let's talk about some fucking music for a change. I was intrigued by the title, Without You I'm Nothing. It's the great statement from the diva to her audience. It's also a Sandra Bernhard movie. It came from there. But it was also like the working title of the album because it seemed to reflect and project the scheme. This album is a real exploration of the emotions that we've been through in the last one and a half years. It's been complete heartbreak, really. So it's not surprising that you have a whole album that is practically filled with love songs.

And that works on several levels -- there's one person in my past who it is kind of about. But also it's a message to each other. And it's a message to our fans -- which is that old Judy Garland thing. And yes, I was lying when I said I had a massive cock. But Placebo are a massive band. They've got one of the biggest fan bases in the country.

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As big as the Verve and as big as Boyzone -- fact. Other bands may have bigger sales, but few have an audience with such a huge emotional attachment. Placebo's fans adore them. One or two even stalk them. Two of their best known fans go by the names of Todd Haynes and David Bowie.

Dame David got them to open for him at his fiftieth birthday bash at Madison Square Gardens. Over the next few months you're going to be hearing much talk about Glam Rock -- thanks to Velvet Goldmine and Bowie's pointless Ziggy Stardust resurrection project.

And part of the real reason why is that so much of Glam's spirit is so achingly absent from pop in the present. Which, I guess, is why I love Placebo -- I'm so wiped out with things as they are.