Blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

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blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

Start studying Blood Brothers - Mickey and Linda's relationship. Learn vocabulary , terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. How does Willy Russell present the changing relationship between Mickey and Linda? Write about: How Russell presents Mickey and Linda. Resource type (all), Flashcards, Revision cards, Revision notes, Quizzes, Mindmaps, Crosswords Blood Brothers Characters: Mickey Johnstone His relationship with Eddie at this point is still very strong, despite that the two After finding out Linda is pregnant, Mickie gets sacked by Mr Lyons on his.

Despite this, we as readers see him as kind and harmless, showing he is often misunderstood, even from an early age. Always had a strong bond with Linda, and from an early age felt the need to impress her an act like a man. Parallel to his adult years and marriage.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

Shown in mid-teenage years, portrayed as atypical teenager but his apparent bond with Linda has grown stronger. Cannot deal when Linda tells him she loves him, suggesting he had complications with his emotions early on.

Linda in Blood Brothers

Mickey does not do well in state education, but nothing suggests he isn't bright. He is seen as a 'waste of space; implying that his future was already paved for him in the teenage years. A reunion with Eddie sparks a flurry of happy memories for the trio, alluding that the teenage years are full of bliss compared to the harsh realities of adulthood. I'm finding it rather large at present. We bought such a large house for the - for the children - we thought children would come along.

Analysis Mrs Lyons tells Mrs Johnstone this very soon after they meet, suggesting that she is in need of someone to talk to. Manipulative How is Mrs Lyons like this?

Mrs Lyons uses what Mrs Johnstone has told her about her life to manipulate her employee into giving up one of the twins. Evidence Already you're being threatened by the Welfare people. She shows a lack of empathy for the poorer woman and instead is focused on getting what she wants.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

Paranoid How is Mrs Lyons like this? In contrast to the paranoid Mrs. Johnstone here proves herself to be understanding and empathetic, even allowing her two teenage sons to go see a pornographic film. She understands the concept of growing up in a way that Mrs. Active Themes With the boys gone, Mrs. Lyons emerges to confront Mrs. Johnstone, demanding to know how long the family has lived in the area. Becoming increasingly hysterical, she asks whether Mrs.

Johnstone intends to follow her forever. Lyons adds that Edward refuses to remove the locket with Mrs. Johnstone stammers that she only wanted him to remember her. Lyons says that Edward will always remember Mrs. Johnstone, and will never truly be hers.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

She goes on, asking Mrs. Johnstone protests that she has not, but Mrs. Lyons admits that even when her son was a baby, she felt that on some level, he knew. Johnstone has ruined her, she vows that Edward will not be ruined as well. Johnstone any sum of money she wants if she will leave the area.

The poorer woman refuses, however, saying that Mrs. Lyons should move if she wants to. Lyons responds that the Johnstones will follow her wherever she goes. Lyons then tries to stab Mrs. Johnstone with a kitchen knife. Lyons curses her, calling her a witch, before at last exiting. In this scene, the full extent of Mrs. She is so haunted by her past deception that she now puts all the blame on Mrs. Lyons believes that her son Edward does not really belong to her, this is a delusion that springs from her deep guilt, rather than an actual fact.

Even in the midst of her emotional breakdown, Mrs. Lyons still believes that money can fix everything—Mrs. Johnstone, however, has very different ideas. Although she is terrified of the other woman, Mrs.

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Johnstone shows both courage and compassion here, hearing out Mrs. This scene completes Mrs. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The neighborhood children emerge, singing about a mad woman who lives high on the hill, and warning the audience never to interact with her.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

Lyons now becomes a figure of legend, a cautionary tale rather than an actual three-dimensional person. Active Themes Meanwhile Edward and Mickey emerge from the movie, dazed and impressed. Edward tries to dance with the friend, who quickly exits. Mickey, embarrassed, lies while Edward almost blurts out the truth.

Linda, however, reveals that she was at the same pornographic movie. Although she will eventually be caught in a love triangle, this female character is not a damsel in distress. Active Themes Edward continues his chant, eventually getting so excited that he jumps on top of a lamppost. A policeman enters, and the three adolescents use the same impertinent responses that they did as children.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship quiz

Linda distracts the policeman and the trio makes a run for it, with the policeman chasing after them.