Billy beane and paul depodesta relationship memes

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billy beane and paul depodesta relationship memes

Digital Aptitude | Content maketing agency and collective of creative individuals in beautiful Portland, OR. From his second chat: “I wouldn't be Billy Beane first of all. and took notice; the book was a hit, and its memes took hold as teams from other sports, Discussing the Dodgers' hiring of Paul DePodesta, Baseball America a good start in their relationship, he cites a Baseball America study he did showing. The case against ECC quotes this section of a study on DRAM errors (the bolding . This relationship held true even with drives from the same manufacturer. Billy Beane and Paul Depodesta took the Oakland A's, a baseball franchise with .

billy beane and paul depodesta relationship memes

But these two statements are hard to reconcile. This kind of adverse selection is common in companies that are declining; I saw that in my intern cohort at IBM 1among other places. If we listen to the anecdotal griping about hiring, we might ask if the market for developers is a market for lemons.

A Deeper Look at “Moneyball.”

This results in a feedback loop which causes lemons to be the only thing available. But the first assumption alone is enough to prevent the developer job market from being a market for lemons. The projects were both declared successes, promotions went out, they did a big PR blitz which involves seeding articles in all the usual suspects, like Wiredand so on and so forth.

I have one particular example in mind, but if I just think of the Bob archetype, off the top of my head, I know of four people who are currently in similar situations. When I worked at a small company, we regularly hired great engineers from big companies that were too clueless to know what kind of talent they had.

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This is usually not the case. Just for example, I once joined a team where the TL was pretty strongly against using version control or having tests.

billy beane and paul depodesta relationship memes

As a result of those and other practices, it took five devs one year to produce 10k lines of kinda-sorta working code for a straightforward problem. Within a year, three of the seven people who were on the team when I joined had left; two of them went to different companies.

Around when I joined that team, a friend of mine joined a really great team.

Putting Data to Work: Lessons from "Moneyball" (Paul DePodesta)

They do work that materially impacts the world, they have room for freedom and creativity, a large component of their jobs involves learning new and interesting things, and so on and so forth.

That team is now full for the foreseeable future because everyone whose network included that team forwarded people into that team. But if you look at the team that lost three out of seven people in a year, that team is hiring. At the last conference I attended, I asked most people I met two questions: Do you know of any particular teams that are great and are hiring? Not one single person told me that their company meets the criteria in 1.

Because most companies invest pretty much nothing in helping people, you can do really well here without investing much effort. Just for example, I used to know a lot of people who worked at company X under Marc Yun.

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It was the kind of place that has low attrition because people really enjoy working there. And then Marc left. Over the next two years, literally everyone I knew who worked there left. This one change both created a lemon in the searching-for-a-team job market and put a bunch of good developers on the market. Is developer hiring a market for lemons?

billy beane and paul depodesta relationship memes

Well, it depends on what you mean by that. Both developers and hiring managers have incomplete information. The fact that joining a new team is uncertain makes developers less likely to leave existing teams, which makes it harder to hire developers. But the fact that developers often join teams which they dislike makes it easier to hire developers.

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I have no idea. They pay too little. The last time I went looking for work, I found a 6x difference in compensation between companies who might hire me in the same geographic region. Basically all of the companies thought that they were competitive, even when they were at the bottom end of the range.

Almost everyone I talk to tells me that they pay as much as any reasonable company. Earlier, I claimed that I knew lots of good developers who are looking for work. What qualifies these people for these jobs? I was writing a book about the collision of reason and conventional baseball wisdom.

First Look: Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill In 'Moneyball'

The irony is that once the book was out, Beane, not Lewis, became the lightning rod for criticism. The author points out that twice in ESPN. From his second chat: The people most upset about my book were the ones unable to divine that I had written it… the people most certain they had nothing to learn from the book were in the front offices of other major-league teams. Under those criteria, Jackie Robinson could not have played in the majors.

In the interest of doing just that, I pulled some quick stats together: All of them have progressed past the rookie and low-A levels, four of them spent time in high-A, and three of them reached AA.

All of the other hitters have shown the appropriate plate discipline and strike zone judgment, though Swisher seems to be the only one whose power is developing. Time and Billy Beane are still on their side. DePodesta comes from Oakland, where he was the top assistant to Billy Beane, who presides over the draft with a heavier hand than most GMs. In the last two years, the Athletics have had 28 picks in the first 10 rounds and spent all of them on college players.