Beastboy and raven secret relationship

Beast boy and Raven's Secret, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

beastboy and raven secret relationship

It's been years all the Titans have grown up still a team As the Titans are developing as people Something else has developed A relationship between Raven an. COMPLETE: Six years after "Things Change" Beast Boy and Raven find themselves in a secret relationship. If that's not enough things become. Read Glimse 1 from the story Glimpse into the secret relationship of beast boy and Raven by Ravin_Roth with reads. bbraelove, bbrae.

Like all of her expressions it was very slight, but to someone like Beast Boy, who knew her as well as he did, it was impossible to miss. There was a moment of silence as Raven slowly floated her way to Beast Boy and took a seat beside him on the bed. It was then that she too took notice of the framed photo on his nightstand.

Feeling slight irritation at Raven's attempt to be casual, he deftly snatched the frame up into his hand. Raven looked down at the ground, her eyebrows arcing sadly.

I'd be embarrassed of me too. Putting his hands on his hips, he began slowly pacing about his room. Despite the love he had for Raven, his frustration with the current status of their relationship continued to grow. He was sick of the secrets and of all the sneaking around. She could feel it. Every time he looked at her, every time he embraced her, kissed her.

Every time he looked into her eyes and told her he loved her, she could feel it clear as day. It was heaven to her: Despite being saddened by her trepidation, Beast Boy continued all the same. If you're not embarrassed of me, what's so bad about the other Titan's knowing? Looking up at the man standing in front of her she saw his gaze break away from her and look to the wall.

beastboy and raven secret relationship

Standing, she made her way towards him and placed a gentle hand on his cheek, turning him back to her. Then I swear we can tell them together. He placed his hands on the small of her back and brought her close.

Their lips met and he could feel his heart beat faster and his breath quicken. The feel of her beautiful body pressed against his, of her soft pillowy lips gliding over his own was something that was indescribable to him. The feelings and emotions she stirred up inside him made him forget about everything else. So what if their love for the moment was a secret? After all, they had all the time in the world. It was at that moment that the electronic beeping of Raven's communicator made itself known.

Pulling away in surprise, the empath quickly reached down, grasped the object in her hand and pressed the receive button firmly with her thumb. Immediately the image of Nightwing filled the tiny screen. Go get Beast Boy and tell him to meet in the common room in five minutes. Clicking the communicator off, Raven looked up into Beast Boy's emerald green eyes. Knowing it would most likely be all day before she found herself in this position again she decided to make the most of it.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him into a strong passionate kiss which he gladly returned. After nearly a minute of hard kissing and frantic rubbing and pressing they two finally broke away. While some part of me always will, the more I think about it the more I recognize how rare and important their relationship is. Since she has been feeling ostracized from the other Titans lately, Raven and Melchior develop an almost romantic relationship as Raven learns ancient magic from him.

However, the first time Raven tries the spells out in combat they are dangerous. She confronts Melchior, and his behavior becomes abusive; he casts himself as the only one who understands her and thus the only one who will love her, threatening to leave if she does not comply with his next wish: Raven emerges from her room and they embrace.

They are very close, but they never act lovestruck or smitten around each other. They are the best of friends, but there is never any romantic tension to interfere with that or cause drama. In most loving relationships that last, the couple is friends first, then lovers. Robin then exited the room, quickly, but quietly making sure they didn't hear him.

Why Beast Boy and Raven are So Important

Robin then placed himself up against the wall. His chest was heaving and he was breathing heavily, he felt like he just saw a ghost, only this was ten times worse. There had been a lot of clues though, but Robin never made anything of them. For example one time Robin had caught Raven holding Beast boy and stroking his hair, but once he was caught, Beast boy shot up like he had just sat on a bunch of tacks, and he then pretended to "read" pretend because it wasn't even a comic, it was a phone book and Beast boy was holding it upside down.

Also when Beast boy and Raven were alone together in the main room, sometimes Robin would hear the two of them giggling. But the biggest thing was the music, yes about two to three times a week at around midnight or one in the morning Robin and the other titans would hear loud music blaring.

beastboy and raven secret relationship

Who the hell would sleep with loud music blaring like that? And it always came from Beast boy or Raven's room. Whenever Robin would confront them about it, they would say that they just "couldn't sleep" so they were listening to music. Robin was suspicious but he never made a big deal about it. Maybe he should have because he probably would have caught on A LOT earlier.

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Robin was so deep in his thoughts he didn't even know that Star fire had walked up to him. Robin realized what he had just done and mentally smacked himself. Later that night, Robin, Beast boy and Raven were sitting on the couch. Robin was flipping through channels, and every once in awhile he would hear Raven gasp or giggle in delight, but whenever he looked up they had stopped whatever they were doing and it was starting to get on Robin's nerves.

Robin decided not to tell Star fire or Cyborg about what he saw earlier since he knew that Beast boy and Raven were probably trying to be private about it. He sighed there was nothing good on at night.

He looked at the clock it was about Robin clicked off the T. Robin turned his head to Beast boy. Before Robin could even remark back, Beast boy and Raven had exited the room quickly. Afterwards, Robin eventually left the main room as well he then headed back to his room to take a shower. However, as he was walking down the hallway he heard something coming from Raven's room, and it wasn't loud music.

It sounded like grunting and moaning. Robin tried to ignore it and continued walking to his room. Robin's face flushed and he started walking even faster. That was it, this was driving Robin crazy he headed to Raven's room and he did something that he'll regret for the rest of his life.