Batman and harley relationship questions

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batman and harley relationship questions

Jun 14, Either way, most people view Harley's relationship with Batman's most or even paint your face to prove your love for Harley, just take this quiz. Aug 28, Initially Harley was just the Joker's loyal lackey in Batman: The Animated Regardless, despite her antagonistic relationship with Batman, Harley . Their dispute over sides leads to a series of fights across the issues, each. Batman obviously doesn't think Joker can love anyone, and painfully Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. . Joker and Harley relationship is only to show how abusive and controlling he is.

Though it's fun to see Harley try out other romances, the love between her and Ivy is the one that a lot of people want to see last for the long term. In this issue, Ms. Quinn has an encounter with Lobo, the regenerating bounty hunter with a flying motorcycle. And like all good love stories, it starts with nearly being burned alive, then winding up on an abandoned island.

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Realizing their outlooks mesh better with each other than they do with normal people, the two villains eventually ditch their clothes and decide to have fun on their private island.

By the end of the episode the Joker is so freaked out that he literally begs Batman to arrest him so he can get away from the Creeper. In the Injustice comic books Green Arrow is one of the heroes working to fight Superman's tyranny in the wake of Lois Lane's death. Oliver initially views Harley as another threat due to her connection with the now deceased Joker, and takes her back to his Arrow Cave.

The two quickly wind up bonding, though, and Harley even suggests a better name for Oliver's hide out would be the Quiver. Even in this alternate timeline the Green Arrow is still in a relationship with Black Canary, so Harley respects that.

But she does later admit to having a bit of a crush on Green Arrow. It shows too, because even after Green Arrow is killed, Harley still returns to the Arrow Cave to commiserate with Black Canary and form an alliance to help stop Superman.

Harley actually winds up sticking with the good guys since Superman killed the Joker early on in his change of allegiance. Though both Deadshot and Harley have violently wounded each other on multiple occasions, there's a clear attraction shared between the two of them, and their time together on Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad only cements that. They eventually end up having sex, though Deadshot claims that the attraction between them is only physical.

Harley breaks in, and after kidnapping Deadshot, she ties him to a chair and puts the Joker's face on him.

‘Batman and Harley Quinn’ Takes a Turn For the Silly

She then begins talking to him as if he is the Joker, so consumed with her grief that she seems to actually believe that he is her seemingly-dead lover. As Harley talks to "the Joker," trying to understand her grief over his seeming death, Deadshot plays along, until Harley climbs on top of him On one occasion, the Joker seems to reward Harley's love by offering her a bushel of roses, a pretty normal romantic gesture that Harley is excited about. It's only when she takes the roses that she quickly realizes that nestled inside them is a bundle of lit TNT, just moments away from going off.

Harley is able to escape before the explosion kills her. Even she admits it. Do you know why? How did Harley get her name? Where was she born? Has she finally gotten over Mistah J for good? Question 1 Harley was an intern at Arkham Asylum. Freeze, plus many, many others of Gotham's villains.

Obviously, the Joker was also an Arkham Asylum alum, but was his sweetheart one too? Is that how they met?

Joker and Harley Quinn, A Toxic Relationship

What was Harley doing at Arkham before she became the Joker's henchwoman? Question 2 Harley Quinn's birth name is Harleen Quinlet. True False The Joker took a liking to her almost immediately because he was smitten over the fact her name sounded like "harlequin. The harlequin character possesses physical agility as well as mischievous trickster qualities. Harlequin wants to help their master in any way they can and was often portrayed as a romantic hero.

The character was paired with a clown character in the s. The inspiration behind DC's feminine anti-hero is totally based off of the old characters of yore. Question 3 True False Since Harley is utterly devoted to her Puddin', Harley's nickname for the Joker, she'd literally do anything for him. He sees good in her and believes she can be helped. They've even fought side by side on numerous occasions and Harley has helped Batman find the Joker.

Has she used her womanly wiles to get what she wants? Question 4 Bud and Lou are the names of Harley's hyenas. Just like their master, they like to manically laugh and play pranks on their foes.

However, they took a liking to Harley and never wanted to attack her. They'd always come to her rescue and all she had to do was yell, "Babies!

batman and harley relationship questions

True False If there's one thing Harley proves, is that sexuality isn't black and white. We are all aware of Harley's toxic relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime, and her much healthier, romantic friendship with Poison Ivy, and her longtime crush on Wonder Woman.

If you thought you felt some tension between Harley and Deadshot in Suicide Squad, you were right. The two characters have a physical relationship in the comics. How many other DC characters has Harley been with sexually? Question 6 Harley Quinn is originally from the Bronx.

Harley moved to "nearby" Gotham City for college and wound up keeping Gotham has her home base, especially since meeting Mistah J. When she eventually breaks out on her own, Harley goes back home for a while, and we get to see her various escapades in NYC in her own comic series.

Question 7 Harley made her first appearance in Batman: True False Harley Quinn has had an interesting background when it comes to her character development. Of course, like many comic book characters, her story has changed numerous times throughout the years. However, she's such a new character—she was created in the s—because Batman writers never wanted the Joker to have a love interest.

Allowing someone to love the Clown Prince of Crime makes him a more empathetic and human, which are qualities the Joker lacks. But there's just something about Harley.

As soon as fans caught a glimpse of the Brooklyn broad in that skintight jumpsuit, they fell in love with her too.

batman and harley relationship questions

Question 8 The Joker eventually married Harley. True False The Joker is a complete and total sociopath, which Harley is very much aware of. However, despite his ability to truly love and care for another human being besides himself and Batmanin his sick, twisted way, he does actually love Harley.

It's not the love that is seen in a healthy relationship, but he does what he can for a criminally insane clown.