Batman and flash relationship problems

batman and flash relationship problems

In Crisis, when Barry died, Batman was one of the heroes his aura “visited”. Then What is the relationship between the superhero Flash and special relativity? Bruce and Barry will often consult each other for advice on forensic matters. 'Justice League': The Flash and Batman Will Have a "Fascinating teaser for next year's Justice League, the relationship between Ben. With a Flash War on the horizon at DC, CBR argues why Barry Allen is the story “The Return of Barry Allen” that his speed issue was psychosomatic. To say Batman's relationship with the DC Universe is tumultuous would.

In time, they settle in as heroes. It helps that they are able to form their own super hero team, the Teen Titans. This allows their bond to deepen, as they are able to spend more and more time together.

They become incredibly close. So much so, that when Wally returns to the Universe after fixing his Uncle Barry, he wants to help his best friend remember him.

To Wally, Dick is just as important as his own flesh and blood. They are both heroes that not only change the world, but change the lives of their heroes. They are the first sidekicks: And when the time comes, they each don the respective cowls their father-figures would have wanted to see them in.

But now, they are making a name for themselves, figuring out what to do in a Universe that never wanted them together in the first place.

batman and flash relationship problems

Jason Todd It is unfortunate that Jason never got to befriend a speedster. With his personality, it would have been fun to see what a great dynamic could have played out between them.

batman and flash relationship problems

If he had someone like Barry or Wally in his life, maybe he would have had an easier time letting his frustration go. He could have had someone be there for him and listen to his problems.

batman and flash relationship problems

Instead, he has to take out his feelings on criminals. But maybe there are a few rough patches that could have been solved if someone was there to help him get through them. Tim comes from a wealthy family, and joins with Bart after a rigorous training session that takes him across the world. Bart travels back from the future, the grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West, needing help slowing down. Bart stays to learn from the speedsters around him. Both want to help others in any way they can.

Bart and Tim grew up around each other instead of meeting as full-fledged adults. They learn, make mistakes, and fight side by side. They are there for each other during the tough times, and help celebrate the good times. Read about his many identities over the years! Thankfully, with the introduction of the new Wally West, chances looked as good as ever. But he did get the opportunity eventually when his identity was erased from the public consciousness by The Spectre.

Wally and Linda forgot about his time as The Flash as well, but as soon as he found out, Wally told Linda despite being terrified of her reaction.

Obviously, he left an imprint on Wally, who he practically raised as Kid Flash when he got his super speed. But by comparison, Wally was a much harsher person and poorer mentor. Tasked with serving as a mentor to Bart Allen when he first arrived from the future, Wally instead alienated Impulse by naming Jesse Quick as his successor, manipulating both of them in a misguided attempt to inspire Bart.

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Both stayed on the outs with Wally for a while, but he never found himself as quite the mentor to others that Barry was to him.

When he touched the Speed Force and came back, the connection was greater than anyone before or after, allowing him to do some amazing things. Barry had the ability to steal speed, slowing objects to a crawl, and after merging with his alternate Earth counterpart Walter, he was able to also lend his speed. It was more than that, though.

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Wally solved his costume woes by making a suit out of solid Speed Force and was able to travel through time unaided with pinpoint accuracy. But he made up for it with the simple applications of science and physics knowledge to his existing powers. Barry was able to vibrate through solid objects with precise control over every molecule of his body, a skill that allowed him to outrace Superman on numerous occasions by phasing through objects the Man of Steel had to run around.

By maintaining a steady velocity, he could run vertically up buildings or across the surface of water. Barry was a Speedster, but calling him just a Speedster is a huge disservice to the mastery over his powers he demonstrated. Think we should have included Bart or Jay?