Art and history relationship

art and history relationship

Referring to key examples, identify and discuss the historical relationship between art and popular music, using key examples to support you. Throughout history, it has always been the case that art has the power to change Finally, it represented an intimate relationship between a member of the. Considers the relationship between history and art history in the context of the study of Dutch art and culture of the seventeenth century.

And helped with population growth, or the wheel. Imagine where we'd be without it. What was the culture like?

What role did religion play, or what was the morality and ethics of that society? Relationships among people within the culture and between cultures, and other social values. And comparisons between modern and ancient cultures are one of the things that anthropologists look at when comparing how does modern day society compared to ancient society, for example. Art history to put it briefly is a study of the past. And why do we care?

Well aside from the fact that those that don't learn history are doomed to repeat it as the old saying goes. We learned about where we come from, and there's an emphasis on written accounts and documents.

art and history relationship

Now the art history advantage I mentioned before-- and I starred this because this is one of our learning objectives-- is in how art historians deal with further approach to evaluating visual images.

Other areas of study have a tendency to look at visual imagery as only a reflection of culture where they were produced rather than actually producing culture itself. This is an important distinction, and a good example is Japanese anime, which are Japanese stylized cartoons. They were originally conceived as a stylistic departure from American cartoons like Mickey Mouse during the midth century, but anime has gone on and created an entire subculture of entertainment among people, particularly teenagers, as it spread across the globe.

And it's an example of art influencing culture versus culture simply influencing art. Sociology is a scientific study of social behavior, and the science part of it is very important.

1. Relationship between art, art history and art education programs?

Because they emphasize the science behind social behavior. And they use scientific studies to analyze data, and to better understand human behavior and social dynamics. Cultural studies is an emerging area of academics that looks at aspects of cultural production particularly emphasizing popular culture in everyday life. An example might be looking at the different ways in which Elvis Presley has been depicted through time and how it relates to cultural changes in preferences, and I immediately think of the string of terrible Elvis movies where he's in the military.

That's important to note that this is an area that's still controversial to some scholars, which is why I have this star next to it.

Art in History/History in Art: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Culture

Because it's an emerging field, and some scholars may not view it as a legitimate area of academic focus. And tying it all together-- go back to one of my original points at the beginning of this-- is that there are often areas of crossover between disciplines.

And art history is interdisciplinary, which means it draws from other areas and contributes to other areas of academic or other academic disciplines. So let's take a look at our job objectives and see how we did. Now that we've seen the lesson, are you able to identify and define today's key terms? Can you explain how art history relates to other areas of study, such as archaeology, anthropology, history, sociology, and cultural studies?

And explain the possible advantage that art historians have in evaluating visual evidence? The big idea is big.

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So that's the end of the lesson today. I'd like to thank you for joining me. I'll see you next time.

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Attributions Image of Anime Author: Public Domain Magna Carta Author: Public Domain Skull Author: Creative Commons Karl Marx Author: Public Domain Rosetta Stone Author: Public Domain Terms to Know Anthropology The study of humans and their ancestors, in different time periods and locations, with emphasis on adaptation to physical environment, culture, and interpersonal relationships.

Artworks often show what the society is going through at thatmoment in time, whether things are peaceful or not, for example, aswell as how individual artists are feeling at the time. If you were to look at visual art from older eras in time you wouldbe able to see that people in a painting, for instance, aren'tdressed as we are now.

Language used in writing may not be the sameeither. Art is molded by society. It can be repressed or encouraged bygovernments, for example.

art and history relationship

It can depend on how the people that makeup a society are willing to express themselves. The relationshipbetween art and society varies all over the world and duringdifferent eras of time. Art has also molded society throughout the ages. Images help humansto use their imaginations to reshape and build on their ideas.

Theyalso help to pass on these ideas to future generations. You mightconsider, for example, the very different ideas of human perfectiondepicted in the art of the Ancient Egyptians and the AncientGreeks. When you'r Dancing you'r creating art, because when you move you'r trying to tell a story through you'r movement As you can tell many paintings and drawings are based on nature.

What is the relationship between arts and humanities? The humanities are the study of different cultures through what they left behind. This includes their art, literature etc.