Aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

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aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

This quote solidifies Éowyn as one of the most awesome female characters in fiction. One of my favorite LOTR quotes. . No Aragorn and Eowyn. Aragorn and. Éowyn revealed her temperament when Aragorn was about to ride into the . and the blossoming of her relationship with Faramir are included. incorrect-middleearth-quotes. Faramir:Éowyn and I don't have pet names for each other. Éowyn:Kiss Aragorn, marry you, and kill Wormtongue. . into guys he's devasteted when he finds out that it was arwen who ended the relationship.

The attention to detail, the shout outs to uber nerds with Silmarillion refs, the way Legolas jumps up on that horse in The Two Towers. It takes skill to adapt a work that was clearly never intended for film and make it compelling visually without losing the core of the story.

I doubt very much I could have let go enough of my own feelings about it to do it proper justice. And it would be unreasonable to expect it to. That said, there are some things I feel like the writers stumbled on and Eowyn is one of the big ones.

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Your personal mileage may vary widely on this sort of thing and if you loved movie Eowyn I am NOT trying to convince you otherwise. Stories are wonderful, powerful things, just like your personal reactions to them.

aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

Love what you love and never apologize for it! It says something to me that a WWI vet from a devout Catholic background wrote about a warrior woman in a book published in that was more feminist than her modern interpretation ended up being. Let me explain why. First, we need to go to the books. Eowyn in the books is a very cold, very unhappy, character. Like have a life of any kind. In the book, Eomer has a major realization after that, that he might not really have ever known his sister.

This is a bit of a running theme when it comes to Eowyn.

aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

Her life is exactly what she most fears: She has a lot of very good reasons to feel trapped and bitter. She sees a leader, someone with strength and resolve. Someone worth following into battle, which she longs to do, and maybe most notably: Now, once Gandalf fixes Theoden everyone goes off to do Important Things and sort of forgets about her.

aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

Now that the king is better no one seems to consider what she wants out of life, what her hopes or dreams are, what she can contribute beyond helping the men be more manly.

Unfortunately, once she meets Aragorn, things start to get wonky. Not because I have any problem with romantic storylines!

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My issue is with the way they had Eowyn moon over Aragorn in the films. And it hinges on a key scene from the book that they left out completely.

And she calls him on it. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more.

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But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.

aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

Full of sexist shit, in fact. This matters because A. The closest we get is the line about women in that country knowing that those without swords can still die upon them and fearing neither death nor pain…but it lacks the context and direct confrontation of sexism that the book provides.

And, contrary to regular romantic films, the romantic process and tension leading to a declaration of love is hardly interesting. In, for example, the Arthurian legends the initial meeting between a man and a woman is often described like this: Thus Sir X beheld for the first time the lady Y, and he loved not another woman for as long as he lived.

This is not the story of two individuals being attracted to one another; in good, old, pre-revolutionary tradition Fate picks out two eligible candidates and makes sure they meet.

From the very first moment it is an established truth that these two people belong together. The same tendency is evident in various fairy-tales, where the efficient hero makes himself worthy of a princess, whom he eventually attains and in other words receives his just reward.

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What the two persons think of each other is irrelevant. The chivalrous literature is thus more emotional and focused on real love, although this sentiment practically always awakens at first sight, before any of the persons involved know anything about the other.

The protagonist, the hero, must have a precious reward; not only a princess, but something, for Man, as rare as an Elfish princess for a wife. His love with Arwen is old and was awoken immediately at their first meeting.

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Significantly enough the story of their first encounter is only re-told; the reader is given no insight into the tension and development of feelings between them. We are merely informed that these two love each other and always will, and that they have done so for a long time.

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Arwen and Aragorn are meant for one another. This pattern fits nicely into the motives of Tolkien?

aragorn and eowyn relationship quotes

We know, for example, from their initial meeting in Rivendell, that Legolas and Gimli are suspicious to each other. And when this scepticism gradually changes into mutual respect, we, the readers, are perfectly aware of it. Their conversations leave no doubt thereof. Also, we rarely doubt the nature of the relationships between the other main characters.

Observe that while the Arwen-Aragorn relationship is literary and explicit no one ever doubts the nature of their feelings for each other the relationship between Eowyn and Aragorn is full of doubt and tension.

In the book as well as the film the focus is on the exchange of glances and touches, while we never know what any of them really think or feel. Arwen is, according to the novel's set of values, the ultimate woman, she represents an unattainable ideal and is destined to be the one true love and partner of the hero.