Anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" Pt. I Quiz | 15 Questions

anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

'Anna Karenina', by Leo Tolstoy, is a Russian novel following the life of Anna Karenina during the Anna and Count Vronsky consummate their relationship. Often hailed as Leo Tolstoys greatest masterpiece, Anna Karenina has After the horse races, Anna admitted to Karenin that she was in love with Vronsky and that she no What relation was the writer Sergei Koznyshev to Konstantin Levin ?. Although he overtly flirted with Kitty, Vronsky quickly falls for Anna, but in the end, he leaves Marriage is being put off more and more these days, with the average Joshua Rothman writes in The New Yorker of his obsession with “ Anna Karenina. Almost Nobody Aces This s Car Quiz - Can You?.

It reaches into the soul.

Anna Karenina Notes

In Anna Karenina, love is depicted by comparisons. We see two romances side by side, but completely different in mood and texture. There is the story of young Levin, who is in many ways a hopeless romantic, deeply in love with Katerina Kitty Shcherbatsky, a young debutante preparing to make her entrance into Russian society.

At first she spurns him, having committed her affections to the dashing Count Vronsky, a Prince Charming-esque character in almost every regard except for one: Vronsky flees from Kitty, romancing Anna. This causes a rift between her and her husband, Alexei.

At first he needlessly clings to his wife for the sake of honor alone, but eventually relinquishes her.

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Anna, still married by contract, now becomes scandalized for her affair with the count. They plunge into passion together, and the affair results in a pregnancy, further ostracizing her from society.

Meanwhile, both Levin and Kitty, heartbroken, begin to build their lives apart from each other, finding purpose in the absence of romance. Later they come together, in renewed spirits, and begin to forge a relationship.

anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

Love blossoms very slowly between Levin and Kitty. Rather than an act of time and patience, love is a selfish matter. Both Anna and Vronsky turn away from their prior obligations: In the case of Anna and Vronsky, love requires abandonment.

anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

Alexei Karenin is stripped of a wife, and Kitty is stripped of a suitor. On the contrast, love is a patient affair with Kitty and Levin. It does not spring from sexual passion; it nurtures like a child. There are doubts, there are quarrels, even moments of jealousy. Anna becomes horribly insecure, thinking that Vronsky goes out so much because he is in love with someone else.

He is only in love with Anna, however, and the two fight often because of the unspoken tension that exists between them. Anna is in a tough position. She isn't Vronsky's wife, but she is more than just his mistress. She depends entirely on him for internal peace and love.

But what she finally realizes is that no one has the power to satisfy her emotional desires, not Vronsky nor anyone else. She has woven a complex web for herself, one she feels she can only escape by killing herself. This is what she does, jumping in front of a train. She reconsiders briefly before the train hits her, but has no time to dodge.

Running side by side with Anna's story is Levin's, one that mimics the life and interests of the novelist himself.

Trivia about Anna Karenina

Levin, a landowner and country man, comes to the city to propose to Kitty, a pretty young lady who is mesmerized instead by Vronsky. She rejects Levin's proposal and keeps her eye on the count.

Vronsky, however, is smitten with Anna. He goes home to the country and immerses himself totally in his relationship with the land. He writes a book about farming practices in Russia, revealing his belief that landowners should split the land with their peasants so the peasants have an incentive to work harder.

anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

This is a controversial plan as Russia becomes more industrialized. Kitty, too, is crushed by Vronsky's disinterest. She becomes ill, and her family take her to a spa in Germany, where she recovers and realizes that she has truly loved Levin all along. They meet again shortly, and Kitty accepts Levin's second proposal.

They marry happily and have a boy named Mitya. Romance and true love do exist! A woman risks everything she has, including her own life, in pursuit of true love, and the pursuit is ultimately fatal. But there is a good deal of happiness amid the traumatic happenings of this book.

Levin is fixated with Kitty from the moment he lays eyes on her although he admittedly had crushes on her sisters, tooand continues to pursue her even after he's rejected. The couple struggles through the beginning of their marriage, but in the end, create a pleasant life together. Levin who, in case you can't tell by now, is the character we admire most is often heckled for his lifestyle by his bourgeoisie peers. A landowner, he takes pride in waking up early to mow and do physical work.

anna karenina and vronsky relationship quizzes

He doesn't enjoy frequenting the opera, or partaking in gossip. Levin often works alongside the peasants he employs, and Tolstoy was known to have done the same.