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and relationship test free

Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Do you know if your relationship is healthy? Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out. Feeling in love but not sure whether it will work out? Worry no more, check out our free relationship compability test, it only takes a few minutes!. This relationship quiz is all about how well you know your partner. most important components of a successful relationship is the quality of friendship between.

It is very common that one of you have a stronger sex drive than the other - especially when you have left the honeymoon phase. This can result in frustration due to the lack of sex. Be open about what you want and what you do not want, in order to find a way that satisfies both of you.

See the intimacy as a way to reconnect with your partner.

and relationship test free

A conflict regarding money often stems from different views on how you should be spending your household income. One of you might be a saver and one of you might be a spender. Are you the one that always cooks, does the laundry, the cleaning AND puts the kids to bed — even though you also have a full-time job like your partner?

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Fairly dividing the labor at home is key to staying away from recurring conflicts. You, therefore, need to agree on who is responsible for what in the home. With work, meeting friends and everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids, it is no wonder that most of us find it difficult to get quality time with our partner.

Without the communication and the mutual understanding and respect, you are just digging a hole in your relationship that just gets deeper and deeper. In a healthy relationship, you need to be able to speak your mind and not be afraid of conflicts. But to have the same conflict — in the same tone of voice — every single day is never going to lead to a long-term solution and a happy relationship.

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Screaming "you didn't do this! Instead you need to learn to resolve the conflict with respect and love. You can never control your partner's behavior, but you can definitely change how you react and behave. And remember, you do not always have to be right! Trust is key in a relationship and jealousy can really break a loving relationship. You might have trust issues due to previous events in your relationship or even from previous relationships.

and relationship test free

Trust can be about not feeling confident that your partner won't cheat on you. This type of insecurity always leads to jealousy and arguments in the relationship.

and relationship test free

But it can also be about that you are lacking trust in your partner when it comes to important decisions that affect both of you. Infidelity is a sure way to create cracks in a relationship. Some of them can be healed, while others cannot.

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There is no golden rule that tells you what you should do if your partner has cheated on you. If you do decide to stay in the relationship, you cannot constantly bring up this episode of your relationship and make your partner feel guilty.

Do you become too clingy and don't know why? Perhaps you push people away just when they're getting close. It can be heartbreaking and frustrating trying to understand why we often repeat mistakes in our relationships. Our relationship test uses the well researched measure of adult attachment qualities to reveal insights about our attachment styles.

The test was developed by Ph. What are attachment styles We are biologically driven to seek out relationships but how we 'relate' to others in romantic relationships is a learned behaviour.

and relationship test free

This is our attachment style and the research shows that it remains relatively stable throughout our lives and has a massive impact on our relationships. It affects how long our relationships are likely to last, our compatibility with others and many other factors in our lives.

Knowing your attachment style can provide insight into how you cope in close relationships. With knowledge of your attachment style you may understand why you've been unable to become close to someone or why you tend to push people away.

Understanding your attachment style provides direction for improving the quality of your relationships.