Alfie and zoella relationship marketing

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alfie and zoella relationship marketing

Omg zalfie is a thing Alfie and Zoe posted this blog post on Twitter RelationshipsGirl PaintingsRelationshipCute Relationship Goals Or juat the same way alfie looks at zoe Zoe Sugg, Zoella, Dan And the solution is youtube! learn the latest and also most efficient youtube advertising and marketing methods". MORE: Inside Zoella and Alfie's dream Brighton mansion The couple confirmed their relationship in , after being introduced to each. Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes have been together for five years now and in depth about their own relationship and where they think it's going.

Jim Chapman, Zoe and Alfie sure have some explaining to do for this picture.

alfie and zoella relationship marketing

After Jim's accidental reveal, Zoella published a statement to her blog. Explaining that they'd been friends "for some time," Zoella revealed how fans' constant shipping prior to them going public put stress on the young couple. When did Zoe and Alfie move in together?

alfie and zoella relationship marketing

After publicly dating for just over a year, in October Zoe and Alfie moved into a flat in Brighton together. Alfie had initially moved to Brighton shortly after Zoella did 10 months ago so they could be closer together, but apparenlty it asn't quite close enough.

alfie and zoella relationship marketing

They kept the move a secret until they were all settled in, revealing all in a vlog: Expanding the family In Novembershortly after Zoella and Alfie moved in together, their family grew by one.

No, not a baby - a dog! Little Nala, the pair's black pug, has been with Zoe and Alfie ever since.

Zoella's fans go wild after she posts engagement photo

Moving house After spending around two and a half years in their first Brighton home, Zoe and Alfie were forced to move due to fans and media constantly invading their privacy.

They move itself was kept firmly under wraps until they had begun to settle in, in June Check out Alfie and Zoe's newest home right here.

alfie and zoella relationship marketing

The future of Alfie and Zoe - will they get married and have children? A post shared by Zoella zoella on Oct 8, at 9: It was also in the same year that she announced her relationship with Alfie Deyes PointlessBlogwhich viewers had speculated about for a couple of years prior to this announcement.

Zoella And Alfie Deyes: The Story Of Their Relationship

Their relationship has blossomed over the years and they now famously own a mansion in Brighton with their pet dog, Nala. Both being YouTube sensations and macro-influencers, their humble vlogging beginnings has lead to success built on authenticity, inclusiveness and how relatable they are, all critical factors in the journey of brand building, product promotion and audience loyalty.

alfie and zoella relationship marketing

A post shared by Zoella zoella on Sep 12, at 7: She struck an exclusive deal with Superdrug to stock the range in stores across the country and it quickly broke all sales records for the high street retailer, selling out completely in the first 24 hours.

A few months on, her second book in the Girl Online series was released, capping off another stratospheric year. The effect of this flurry of television appearances, book launches and beauty ranges? In September, Sugg announced an expansion of her product series with a range of more lifestyle-oriented items, including scented candles, slogan cushions and stationery.

One month after the launch she reached the coveted achievement of featuring on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and, conveniently, released her third Girl Online book a matter of weeks later, in November.


Towards the end of the year she teamed up with her younger brother, Joe Sugg ThatcherJoe to release their own line of merchandise targeted at a younger male and female audience. This was also proof that Zoe could successfully launch products at other target audiences beyond teenage girls, albeit in collaboration with her brother.