Ahron and kakai relationship tips

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ahron and kakai relationship tips

Ahron Villena to Cacai Bautista: “Never naging tayo” on a recent statement made by comedianne Cacai Bautista regarding their relationship. Maja Salvador expressed her support for her good friend, Cacai by sharing a love advice. Photo from Kakai Bautista's Instagram. Kakai and Ahron restart 'relationship'. shares. Jerry Donato (The Philippine Star) - July 20, - After dropping the bombshell “Naging tayo ba (Were we ever in a relationship)?” on his “best friend” Cacai Bautista, Kapamilya actor Ahron.

Tell All with Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena, Past and Present Relationship

Rumors about him being gay started when lasthis name was involved in the Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion breakup. According to some allegations, Mark was the reason of the breakup because he was having an affair with Piolo.

His sexuality was unknown a few years ago but now fans have speculated that he is gay because of his makeup transformation posts and cross-dressing in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

The question now is: Is she just a beard? He was linked to model Ian Batherson two years ago but he has denied it. A few weeks ago, however, Keana Reeves declared that the actor is gay, doing drugs, and evading his taxes in retaliation to the mean things he allegedly said to the actress.

Sam Milby Sam Milby might not have won Pinoy Big Brother during his season, but he sure won the hearts of many gays and girls.

ahron and kakai relationship tips

In fact, it has been rumored that he also won the heart of Piolo Pascual. According to the publicist and former gossip talk show host, Lolit Solis, she saw the two being sweet and having a date back in Fans have drawn conclusions that he is after seeing some of his photos with model Zuher Bautista online.

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Ahron Villena Ogie Diaz claimed two years ago that Ahron Villena has a gay benefactor that gives him everything he needs. I can't show them my face since I am afraid to show them what my life has become. I wasn't terrible but I admit I am far behind from the normal. Maybe that's the reason why I can't accept myself.

I guess this is what they call "quarter life crisis", very similar to mid-life crisis but came to me earlier. I was so pressured on keeping up with other people of my age.

I felt like they were already making their dreams come true while I am here stuck on something that has a vague future.

ahron and kakai relationship tips

I made terrible decisions in life and after realizing them, I felt so tired even just the idea of bouncing back and creating new path. I was a living robot before just following every command given, but it seems like some sort of lightning struck me.

Ahron Villena apologizes to Cacai Bautista | Inquirer Entertainment

I became a rebel. I wanted to deviate from the norms. I wanted to do everything on my own but since I am also surrounded by robots, no one's there to guide me.

ahron and kakai relationship tips

That's where I started to lose path. I felt like I've become useless. I am supposed to thank my friend on this post regarding what she said and at the same time apologize for being a bad friend.

“NAGING TAYO BA?” Ahron Villena reacts to Kakai Bautista’s statements

I never back-stabbed or badmouthed them, but i felt guilty for not being there when they need me. I wasn't able to partake on the most important moments of their lives for the past two years like weddings, christening, new boyfriends, recitals, career promotions and extra curricular activities.

I wasn't able to lend my shoulder when they felt down or held their hands when they need someone to cheer them up. I wasn't able to share the joys of their lives since I was busy mourning for the wasted time I had.

I wasn't there to congratulate them on every achievement they fulfilled. I am very happy when you were having the greatest moments of their lives.

ahron and kakai relationship tips

I am a very proud of you. I never showed up on our supposed meetings since I was feeling down and I just wanted to shut my doors to everyone. Nobody wants to be seen at the lowest times of their lives. Plus, I noticed our distance becomes larger as time passed by. I can't relate to their current situations since we were living different lives now.

"NAGING TAYO BA?" Ahron Villena reacts to Kakai Bautista's statements - LionhearTV

I've been asking myself if are we still friends? During the old times,we hang out everyday. We know every detail of each others lives but now we hardly knew what happened to each other even a minute ago.

We've met new people and we enjoyed different interests now but our linkages stayed intact ready to be reminisced anytime now.

ahron and kakai relationship tips

I wish we could go back there but we have to move on. I guess I just had a very special attachment to our past. I know it's partly my fault and I am sorry.