Agumon and biyomon love relationship

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agumon and biyomon love relationship

She is a DigiDestined, partnered with Biyomon, and the bearer of the Crest of Love. The two initially didn't have a very good relationship, but it improves once Kuwagamon then stands up again and tries to attack Tai and Agumon, Sora. Biyomon and Agumon rediscover love after growing apart. Please R/R like to make love They'd kept their relationship a secret to the others. Find the latest #agumon stories you'll love. Read new They decide to have a friends with benefit relationship and the deal is that whoever gets in a relationship t koromon Gatomon X Agumon X BlackGatomon by cherrycherry

Neither of them knew why. Biyomon went one way and Agumon went another But Agumon never forgot her In the back of his head, or completely dominating his thoughts.

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He knew what he had to do He looked over at Tai, who was sleeping soundly. Quietly, he whispered, "I'll be back soon Tai. Biyomon sat on the rail of the balcony of Sora's family's apartment.

It was getting cold, and already snow was falling. But she couldn't sleep She thought of someone When she confessed to Agumon her feelings for him. Biyomon always cherished that night.

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And always regretted that she just let him. Biyomon stood up on the rail, taking in a deep breath of air. She let out a long, happy sigh. For some reason, she loved the way cold air felt when she breathed it in.

Biyomon looked out over the area. No one would notice if she Biyomon spread her wings, fluttering happily over the streets of Odaiba. She glided on the currents of wind perfectly, soaring majestically.

Or as majestically as a bird of her sort could be Down on the ground, a orange figure sat on the street curb, gazing up towards the sky.

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Agumon had seen her swoop down from Sora's apartment building, and had been watching her fly for some 10 minutes now Up in the air, Biyomon's wings began to feel tired.

Sighing, she swooped down, and perched on the top of a car. She turned towards the source of the noise, and saw a pair of overturned trash cans.

And, amongst the spilled garbage, sat a orange-colored dinosaur.

agumon and biyomon love relationship

Nervously, he said, "Uh, hi Biyomon I was looking in the trash cans for something to eat. Funny guy," she said. She fluttered down, and pulled a bannana peel off of his forehead. I saw you and decided to say hello. However, her wavy brunette hair under the tiara gave way her identity to Sora who gasped. The "princess" partially folded her fan, her eye spotting Sora below her. Just as the girls got to see one another, a walking green bundle of weeds in a pink gown joined Mimi on the stairs while having a pink tropical flower as hair.

Mimi completed folding her fan to see her friends. Ash and Max stepped aside to allow the girls to meet. I thought after that battle with Etemon, Palmon and I wouldn't see you again! And besides, Tai and Agumon are back too. The Digimon and girls turned to Ash and Pikachu. Mimi's eyes fixated squarely on Ash. Heartbeat racing, Mimi dropped her fan and palmed her chest. Quickly, she had a thought, one wild enough for her to believe.

agumon and biyomon love relationship

Despite the size of the dress and stiletto heels, Mimi galloped down the staircase and tackled Ash to the floor. The plant followed Mimi to the bottom of the staircase to see her nuzzling her soft cheek to Ash's as her arms squeezed tightly around the trainer, his back flat on the tiled floor with the brunette "princess" on top.

Both trainer and Digidestined were nearly chest-to-chest.

agumon and biyomon love relationship

It became a little more outrageous. To have and to hold… In sickness and in health… 'Til death do us part! So say thee Lord!

agumon and biyomon love relationship

Despite meeting Mimi for the first time, she just declared him "her husband," regardless of their age. This allowed Ash to breathe and straighten himself. Sora also breathed a sigh, grateful the scene didn't extend too far. He's so cute, I can't just let him go!

Mimi accepted by grabbing his hand. Once latched, Ash hoisted her to her heels before coming clean. Heck, Max doesn't have a partner regardless. Pikachu leaped in his arms. Mimi saw Pikachu, stroking his chin to the mouse's delight. One Geckomon grew curious to Pikachu's appearance.

Sora walked to Ash's side, eager to know Mimi's reasoning in the castle while mulling her desire to steal Ash away from her. Funny story about that. ShogunGeckomon lost a contest and in his sadness, fell in a deep sleep. We were told that only a wonderful singing voice would wake ShogunGeckomon from his sorrowing sleep.

The boys gulped at the information, knowing they needed to stop Mimi from awakening their lord. Still, both sides nodded not to alert Mimi about DemiDevimon's scheme as she and Sora had their conversation. Once in agreement, they came to Ash with an easier suggestion. Max had other plans. Ash walked off with the girls and creatures for their tea.