24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

Jack Bauer's Love Interests On '24,' Where Are They Now?

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

' Live Another Day' Recap: Jack & Audrey Reconnect . He asked Audrey about her marriage and if she was happy, but she didn't answer. Just days after the news that 24's limited return event—subtitled Live Another Day —will shoot on location in London, it's now been revealed that. At the beginning of Day 4, Audrey was in a relationship with Jack Bauer, who also worked for her father. However, their relationship reached an abrupt ending .

At gunpoint, he forced the doctors to stop operating on Paul and instead save the villainous terrorist agent.

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

Jack did his best to keep Paul alive, but to no avail. Did Jack make the right decision? The information they got from the terrorist did help to save the day, but at what cost? Either way, she searched for him after season 5, deducing that he had been captured by the Chinese.

24 - Jack and Audrey - In The End

Unfortunately, she was captured in China by agents of the villainous Cheng Zhi, who faked her death and tortured her for over a year before she was finally returned.

Years after putting her trauma behind her, she finally settled down and married Mark Boudreau Tate Donovan.

During her investigation, she was assassinated by one of Cheng's snipers.

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Some would argue that it's as simple as Jack not being allowed to walk away from his own brutality without paying the price. Others would argue that her death was cheap and borderline sexist.

Either way, our hearts were broken, and so was Jack's. Only one thing was certain: Cheng was gonna pay. Unfortunately, he didn't complete his mission in time, and Audrey was killed. Jack went so far as to reach for his sidearm and possibly mull over the prospect of taking his own life, but when he heard footsteps, those of Cheng's men, he changed his mind; he'd kill them all instead.

In Jack Bauer's final firefight to date, he tore through Cheng's men like a demon, gunning them down with the unstoppable rage and relentless efficiency of a highly-trained agent pushed past his breaking point. With Cheng defeated and of no use to anyone, Jack indulged in his primal bloodlust. He pulled a katana! In season 8, the audience learned that she had gone too far, nearly torturing cabal mastermind Alan Wilson to death and losing her job and reputation as a result.

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

She was damaged goods, and when we next caught up with her, she was mentally unstable and deep undercover with Russian gangsters, not unlike when Jack himself was undercover with a Mexican cartel in season 3. Of course, they fell in love, but she was shot by sniper Pavel Tokarev just minutes after she and Jack finally revealed their feeling to each other.

Jack carried her dying body to the hospital, but it was too late. She was dead, and Jack had failed to save yet another love interest. He was quickly consumed by his failure and thirst for revenge, and went over the edge. As for Renee's direct assassin, Tokarev didn't get very far. After Jack caught up with him, Tokarev tried to be clever and swallowed his phone's SIM card in order to protect the identity of his contacts.

Finally he sliced Tokarev's stomach open and took the card from the gory maw, leaving the disemboweled assassin to bleed to death, slowly and painfully.


The obnoxiously stringent bureaucrat may have been a pain in the butt to the field agents of CTU, but he was a good man and only wanted to keep everything by the book.

A veteran of the show's first season, he met his demise near the end of season 3 on the orders of the terrorist Stephen Saunders an old war buddy of Jack's, who went missing and was presumed dead during Operation Nightfall, the botched assassination attempt on Victor Drazen.

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

Chappelle was on Saunders's trail, running money traces which would ultimately foil his plans. As he drove up, you could see the license plate and the make of the vehicle. What were the plate numbers? She wanted to know if he still had feelings for her. She missed them working together and wanted their relationship to go back to what it used to be.

Logan was smiling when Martha slapped his face. The terrorists tested the Sentox VX nerve gas there Ivan Erwich sent Polakov and Komar to meet with Jacob Rossler Jack undercoverwhere they re-programmed the remote trigger and tested it in the shopping mall.

He even slipped a pillow under his head to make it look like he was just sleeping. Sunrise Hills The terrorists wanted to make sure the chip for the remote control worked.

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes

They took Jack with them to the mall. They dressed up as air conditioning repair men and went directly to the security guard area. What was the name of the inside man? Schaeffer Shaeffer was the one who reconfigured the codes to lock the cannisters that were in the sea-land container. Erwich caught him coming out and asked him what he was doing.

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Schaeffer said he was just making sure the cannisters were secured. Jack had his gun pointing at him while Curtis asked about the elevator access code.

What did the guard say the code was? Jack and Curtis only had 60 seconds to maneuver before the cameras came back on. Everyone was quiet and watched as he walked in. Who was the first person Jack talked to?

24 jack and audrey relationship quizzes